Leafs Postgame: Tempered Optimusum

Jeff Veillette
January 08 2016 12:06AM

If there's one thing that this year's Leafs will be remembered for, it's the fact that they absolutely couldn't give less of a <expletive> about the challenge ahead of them. Last year's team couldn't either, but they were more about curling into a ball at any sign of adversity rather than shrugging it off and pushing even harder in response.

Tonight was a great example of that. The Los Angeles Kings are a much better team, with two days rest, on home ice. The Leafs were hours removed from playing in a different city, albeit a nearby one, but both are thousands of kilometres away from home. They also probably have a weaker first line on paper than either trio in the Kings' bottom six.

But they pushed. Even when the Kings outclassed them, they pushed. They ultimately lost, but they never stopped pushing.

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The circle of (goalie) life...

January 07 2016 02:43PM


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LGD: Kings Make Me Ralph

Jon Steitzer
January 07 2016 02:00PM


Leafs have a three game winning streak, and the third best record in the East over the last ten games.

The Kings have Luke Schenn and Vinny Lecavalier.

A win tonight would give the Leafs their best streak since December, 2014. More importantly this would allow the Leafs to assert their dominance over the Western Conference which has pretty much been the reason why we aren't all ordering Auston Matthews jerseys right now.

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Toronto Marlies to send three players to AHL All-Star Game

Jeff Veillette
January 07 2016 01:49PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin / TSGPhoto.com

When you reach the top, the people will stop at nothing to drag you down. Or, at the very least, have you play hockey with them. The American Hockey League's rosters are in the process of being set, and from the looks of it, the first overall Toronto Marlies will be represented by William Nylander, TJ Brennan, and Josh Leivo on the ice, and Sheldon Keefe behind the bench.

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LFR9 - Game 38 - Another One - Tor 4, Ana 0

Steve Dangle
January 07 2016 11:59AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.24.36 PM

The Leafs win...another one.

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