Mirtle: Stamkos Likely To Walk Away from Tampa Bay

Justin Fisher
December 13 2015 07:12PM

It's something we've been talking about for a few weeks now - is it possible that Steven Stamkos could become a Toronto Maple Leaf on July 1st, 2016? It would be a strong possibility for sure if Stamkos decided to walk away from the Tampa Bay Lightning, the team that drafted him and the only team he's ever known, but that's a big 'if'. The Leafs have a star head coach, a boatload of cap room, and a stocked cupboard of up-and-coming talent - all things that would be very, very tempting to a potential free agent. 

That said, players of Stamkos's calibre rarely hit the open market. History dictates it's unlikely he ever does, but The Globe and Mail's James Mirtle seems pretty sure that Stamkos will end up leaving Florida for a fresh start somewhere else.

There's a couple of interesting things here, so let's unpack...

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Jonathan Bernier allows five in last game of conditioning stint

Jeff Veillette
December 13 2015 05:11PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin / TSGPhoto.com

Statistical regression has a habit of coming back to haunt players, but it's rare that it happens all so suddenly. Jonathan Bernier's start to his conditioning stint went drastically better than expected as he became the first Marlies goaltender to post three consecutive shutouts. But in his fourth and final appearance the Bernier that showed up was reminiscent of the one that the Leafs were trying to mentally mend.

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Leafs allow Kasperi Kapanen to participate in World Junior Championship

Jeff Veillette
December 13 2015 10:11AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin / TSGPhoto.com

The Toronto Maple Leafs have confirmed today that Finnish forward Kasperi Kapanen will be allowed to represent his country at the World Junior Hockey Championships in the upcoming weeks.

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Report: Leafs Will Have New Logo, Jerseys Starting 2016-2017

Shawn Reis
December 13 2015 09:31AM


Two possible looks for the Leafs re-brand.

According to a report by Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.net, the Maple Leafs are going for a full re-brand ahead of next year to celebrate their 2016-2017 centennial season in the NHL.  According to Creamer, not only will the redesign include new jerseys, but a new logo.  More details past the jump.

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Seen Stamkos 2016, Part 1: The Humble Beginnings

Jeff Veillette
December 12 2015 02:45PM

If you're getting sick of the Steven Stamkos drama already, this might be a long seven months for you. As the clock ticks rapidly on the last year of his final restricted contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning, may are wondering what the future holds for him.

Obviously, one potential destination stands out more than others; the Toronto Maple Leafs. As we've seen in the past, a single player won't make a team into a powerhouse, but Stamkos is the type of talent that can accelerate Toronto's without actually taking off the rails. Today, we'll start with how we've gotten to now.

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