What we learned with the Kadri and Franson negotiations

Cam Charron
September 27 2013 10:56AM

We know you're wrong because you have a Big Bang Theory t-shirt.

Ryan Lambert over at Puck Daddy wrote a column that went up this morning about how the Toronto Maple Leafs mishandled their salary cap situation this summer. It's tough to disagree with the overarching point, that Toronto once had lots of cap space where now they have none, and if Frazer McLaren remains injured, there is a non-zero chance that Toronto will have to skate with 17 players in the opener next week to become salary cap-compliant.

But it's also not as bad as it could have been. Technology is much better now than it was five or six years ago, and we can watch not only all the games we want to, but we can also watch the decision-making process come to life. There's so much more information with which to judge players. I can remember coming out of the last lockout even, we knew the goals and assists and time on ice of the players our teams picked up, but without a handle on context everybody sort of trusted the eyes of scouts and management.

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Tim Brent on leaving for the KHL, adapting to life in Europe, and memories of Toronto

Steve Dangle
September 26 2013 08:11PM

During a time where there wasn't a lot to cheer for in Leaf Land, this moment shone through.

Tim Brent is a couple years removed from his Leafs days, but he is not forgotten in this city. Tomas Kmec, a young hockey reporter from Slovakia, recently went to some KHL games in the Czech Republic, the home of the lone Czech KHL team Lev Prague. Tomas offered to interview some KHL players for us, and Brent's team, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, recently came to town. We've already posted his interview with Leo Komarov here at TLN, as well as an interview with Ryan O'Byrne. Brent's new KHL team, Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, also came to town recently. All Tom asked for was that we give him credit. Please give Tomas a follow. He's the reason we have these interviews.

Here's Tomas' talk with Tim Brent on his decision to go to the KHL, injury struggles, his time in Toronto, and hope to play in the NHL again one day.

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Leafs salary cap situation, as best we can tell, after Franson signs

Cam Charron
September 26 2013 08:11AM

The good news is that Cody Franson is under contract.

The bad news is that the Leafs are still a little over a million above the salary cap, according to Capgeek. While Leafs' assistant general manager Dave Poulin complained yesterday that Capgeek doesn't factor in the bonus cushion for Jake Gardiner, all the calculator apps on the site do. The Leafs will have to ditch two players on their current roster if they are more than $925K above the salary cap. For the sake of argument, let's say they are. What happens next?

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Cody Franson Signs 1-Year Deal

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 26 2013 07:01AM


The Toronto Maple Leafs may have started the offseason's cap management in a way that makes one want to pull their hair out, but appear to have come through in the eleventh hour, signing Cody Franson to a 1 Year, 2 Million dollar contract.

Odds are, if you agree with this site even occasionally, you're doing cartwheels at your desk right now, but let's break this down a bit anyway. 

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - September 25, 2013 - Question Time

Steve Dangle
September 25 2013 09:28PM



With Adam Wylde out of town, Steve and Chris run the show. Steve got a surprisingly easy-to-obtain interview with Cody Franson, there's a little brawl talk, and Steve (me) answers your questions.

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