Lamoriello: Future of Robidas, Lupul Unknown

Justin Fisher
April 10 2016 11:23AM

Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello turned a few heads this season when he placed Stephane Robidas on Toronto's long-term injury reserve, and, well, he never really came back. Was Robidas actually injured, or did the Leafs just not really want him around considering how dramatically his play has fallen off? Nobody knows for sure, despite what Toronto tells us. 

A little later in the year, Joffrey Lupul also found himself injured and shelved. Nobody really batted an eye to that, because Lupul missing significant amounts of time is kind of this thing. 

But now it looks like both could be gone for good.

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Leafs secure best chance at 1st Overall Pick, Auston Matthews

Justin Fisher
April 09 2016 08:09PM

With their 5-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils earlier this evening, the Toronto Maple Leafs have secured the 30th overall position in the standings and the best odds at winning the 1st overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. Without a doubt, the top pick this year would be ZSC Lions' Auston Matthews.

Matthews made the unique decision to forego both U.S. college and Canadian junior hockey and jump straight to the pros... in Switzerland... this year. He scored 24 goals and 46 points in 36 games this year for the Lions, finishing 10th in NLA scoring. That said, let's also remember that Matthews missed chunk of his season due to the World Juniors, and his 1.28 points-per-game average ranked second amongst full-time players.

Now, this is all very exciting that the Leafs have the best odds of landing Matthews, who is by all means an excellent, excellent prospect. That said, the Leafs' odds are still pretty long.

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Leafs Postgame: Mission Accomplished

Tom Hunter
April 09 2016 07:35PM


With the polls now closed, we at TLN are ready to project the Toronto Maple Leafs as the winner of one of the hardest fought campaigns in recent memory.  

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LGD: One Last Time

Justin Fisher
April 09 2016 03:09PM

Tonight is the Leafs' final game of the 2015-16 season, and the team is exactly where we thought they would be - dead last in the standings. 

Are we mad? Not at all. A season in the basement of the NHL was pretty much promised to us by front office and coaching staff alike. "Pain," they said. Some nights have been difficult to watch, but I have to say, I've felt little pain this year. I was explicitly told what to expect this year, and why I should accept it and embrace the tank. There's no surprises here.

Ok, well, there is one surprise - how godawful the Edmonton Oilers have been.

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TLN Roundtable: Favorite In-Game Moment of the Season?

Shawn Reis
April 08 2016 12:51PM

The Leafs mission is almost over.  They took the ice for one reason this year, and one reason only: to secure 30th place, and give themselves a better chance than anybody else at landing Auston Matthews with the first overall pick come June's draft.

Okay, maybe there was a bit more to the year than that.  But for the fans, aside from the recent youth movement, that's largely what the focus has been on for the year.

But even so - even though the season was long, daunting, and oftentimes downright boring - there were actually some pretty good moments sprinkled in there.  And we here at TLN are optimists - well, most of us anyways.  So without further ado, let's take a look back at the year that was.  Today's question posed to our esteemed staff of writers was, "What was your favorite in-game moment of the 2015-2016 Leafs season?".

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