Exit Interviews: Komarov, Rielly

Justin Fisher
April 18 2016 08:32AM

By now you should know the drill - we're going through the entire Leafs roster from this past season, breaking down their contributions, and trying to figure out what their future looks like in Toronto. We've also developed a super complex rating systems for the occasion. That's right - Canucks Army isn't the only Nations website that knows how to develop proprietary algorithms and number things. Nerds.

And hey, if you're unsure how the Kyle Dubas Head Ranking System works, don't worry. We're working on a 28-page guide to cover all of the details. We'll release it eventually. Or not.

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Marlies close off regular season with pair of victories

Jeff Veillette
April 17 2016 08:15PM


Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/TSGPhoto.com

With neither team having anything to lose or gain, this weekend's regular season finale series against the Rochester Americans was a bit of an interesting one for the Toronto Marlies. They couldn't fall below the one seed; Rochester couldn't rise into the playoffs. Despite that, both teams looked to end things off on a high note, and it was ultimately the superpower that saw success in both games.

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Exit Interviews: Kadri, Brown, Corrado

Tom Hunter
April 17 2016 12:00PM

To wrap up the first week of our year-end Exit Interviews, I will take a look at the contribution made to the team by Nazem Kadri, Connor Brown and Frank Corrado. Each of these three made significantly different contributions to the Leafs this season, but all three have fans in Leaf Nation excited for how they will fit into the future of the team.

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The Leafs & Top 5 Drafting: Where It Went Wrong With Gary Nylund

Greg Brady
April 17 2016 07:17AM

Welcome to the second in a seven-part series on the Maple Leafs and their history of making picks in the Top 5, given they'll add another superstar/casualty who will be indispensable in building a Stanley Cup contender/crushed under the unfair expectations of a fanbase starved for any form of team success imaginable.  You decide.

We profiled the 1973 #4 overall selection of Lanny McDonald in our last edition.  Despite the looming (and soon to be larger) presence of owner Harold Ballard, the Leafs made out like bandits in that 1973 Draft, also scooping up Bob Neely and Ian Turnbull in the first round, quickly posting a 22 point improvement in the 1973-74 season, and being one of the eight teams in a sixteen-team NHL to make the playoffs.

Playoff results continued for the Leafs as they won the league's Preliminary Round in five straight seasons, the pinnacle of which was getting to the semi-finals in 1978 against the Canadiens, after beating the Islanders in the quarters.

But by the end of the 1981-82 Maple Leafs season, the results had ceased to exist, and the atmosphere around Maple Leaf Gardens was rancid.  The team made the playoffs both of the prior two years with under-.500 records, and were slammed out quickly in three-game sweeps, in 1980 by the Minnesota North Stars, and in 1981 by the in-the-prime-of-their-dynasty New York Islanders.  In a 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15 (and so on, and so on) playoff format, the Islanders/Leafs series WAS the 1-16 matchup, with a 39-point disparity between the two clubs -- the Isles with 110, the Maple Leafs with 71.  The Islanders outscoring the Leafs 20-4 in those three games a mere four years after the Leafs had bested the Isles in that playoff series, demonstrated both the quick growth of the Isles into a powerhouse, and the equally fast devolution of the Leafs into bottom feeders.

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Exit Interviews: van Riemsdyk, Michalek, Carrick

Ryan Fancey
April 16 2016 09:41AM

Next up in our exit interviews for the Leafs' 2015-16 season we have players from all over the spectrum, as we take a look at James van Riemsdyk, Milan Michalek, and Connor Carrick.

We'll probably be quick here, as none of these players put in significant time with Toronto this season. But the future of each of these guys with the club needs to be looked at, and of course we still have to rank them under the Smart Glasses Dubas Scale.

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