TLN Draft Profile: Robby Fabbri

Bobby Cappuccino
June 17 2014 12:17PM

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Name: Robby Fabbri

Position: Centre

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165lbs

Junior Team: Guelph (OHL)

Rankings: NHL CSS - 21st (NA), ISS - 8th, Justin's List - 14th, Logan's List - 11th

Mississauga's Robby Fabbri is one of the most skilled forward prospects in the 2014 draft. Despite his size, he is one of the most competitive players likely to be available when the Leafs pick. 

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - June 16, 2014 - The Republican Chris Podcast

Steve Dangle
June 16 2014 09:34PM


On this episode, the guys finally reunite to talk about the draft, Adam's trip, buyouts, and insulting most places outside of Toronto (especially Delaware).

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Odds And Ends

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 16 2014 09:29PM


We're still searching for something newsworthy to talk about in Toronto. It's been several days since we've had a trade rumour, and all we can point to for MLSE properties at the moment are that Michael Bradley must be enjoying himself, and that its finally time that we can point and laugh at Chris Bosh while offering him a sack of money to come back to the Raptors. In any case, let's talk about some small things going around today and try to connect them to the Leafs.

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TLN Draft Profile: Michael Dal Colle

Justin Fisher
June 16 2014 07:12PM

Name: Michael Dal Colle

Position: Left Wing

Height: 6’2

Weight: 182lbs

Junior Team: Oshawa (OHL)

Rankings: NHL CSS - 5th (NA), ISS - 3rd, Justin's List - 4th, Bobby's List - 6th

(Note: 'Sup? Bobby Cappucino and I will be posting draft profiles heading up to the 2014 NHL Draft, taking a closer look at who the Leafs will/should be taking a close look at. Here's the first one. You'll get one or two every day or so, so come back often and tell us who you love and who you hate.)

Michael Dal Colle is one of the 2014 Draft’s premier forward prospects, seen by many as just inches behind the likes of Sam Bennett and Sam Reinhart in the rankings. An offensively gifted winger with good size, Dal Colle went off this season for 39 goals and 56 assists while playing alongside Philadelphia Flyers prospect Scott Laughton. 

Dal Colle’s 95 points in 67 games were good for 6th in OHL regular season scoring, but more impressive was his 20 points in 12 playoff games, finishing 7th in the playoff scoring race despite playing eight less games than the leading scorer.

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How far are the Leafs from the Stanley Cup?

Dom Luszczyszyn
June 16 2014 12:58PM


The Leafs are very far away from being Cup contenders - that much is obvious. How far away is a different question though. To measure that, you have to compare them to the teams that have won. Over the last five years there have only been three winners. Los Angeles. Chicago. Boston.

To even compare the Leafs to these teams is unfair, I’ll admit, but it’s a necessary comparison because the goal is to be as good as those teams are. The goal is to contend for the Cup year in and year out. And the goal is obviously to win it.

So we need to see what separates the Leafs from these three teams, and to do that we need to define what makes a team good at hockey, because a good team wins playoff games.

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