TLN Player Profile: D Jake Gardiner

Ryan Fancey
September 30 2015 07:32AM

Jake Gardiner is what most would consider a core player for the Leafs, and what often goes hand-in-hand with that sort of designation these days is a lot of debate over his true value. You see, when a team is as poorly managed and poorly coached as this one has been, it's tough to get a read on how much their success (or in this case, lack thereof) is a product of talent level or the way players are being deployed, what tactics (if any) they're using, and so on. Because of all this, Gardiner is seen as the best defenceman on the team by some, and a liability by others. Heading into this season, he doesn't fit either of those titles.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Sep 29, 2015 - We Have a Big Announcement

Steve Dangle
September 29 2015 11:12PM


Today on the podcast the guys talk Mike Babcock, Andrew Ference, the Barclays Centre, and WE HAVE A GIANT ANNOUNCEMENT about the podcast.

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Leafs Postgame: Who's Evan Rodrigues, Again?

Cat Silverman
September 29 2015 07:41PM

Know that train of anger, determination, and long memories that the Buffalo Sabres always seem to hop on when they want to deliver a mercy killing to a team they have no business beating? 

Well, Evan Rodrigues decided to drive that train tonight. 

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Dion Phaneuf drops first open-ice bomb of season on Brendan Guhle

Jeff Veillette
September 29 2015 06:52PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs are losing 3-0 to the Buffalo Sabres after forty minutes, and that's not good. Jack Eichel scored a beautiful shorthanded goal, and that's terrifying to think about for the next decade and change. But you know what was good? Watching Dion Phaneuf take a run at somebody's proverbial life for the first time in 2015/16.

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The Leafs should look at acquiring the Schenn brothers

Ryan Fancey
September 29 2015 03:48PM

Alright, I feel like I have to start this thing off with "NOW HEAR ME OUT", and if you feel you need to stop reading right now, that's fine. But if you want to dust off that sweet, sweet Schenn jersey you haven't thought about in a while, then follow me into this twisted world of re-acquiring Luke to get his brother in blue and white.

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