The Steve Dangle Podcast - Apr 14, 2016 - Phlegm Kessel

Steve Dangle
April 14 2016 09:48PM

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On this episode, the guys talk about the beginning of the playoffs, Kadri and Rielly's big deals, things about NHL 16 that drive Steve nuts, and Liberty Village.

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Exit Interviews: Parenteau, Gardiner

Ryan Fancey
April 14 2016 11:53AM

Continuing on with our full review of the Leafs 2015-2016 roster, the next two exit interviews on our list will be P-A Parenteau and Jake Gardiner. As mentioned in the opening piece of this series yesterday, we'll judge these players' performances in the season that was, and try to make a decision on their future with the club. Then, overall, we'll see how they fare in the patented Dubas Ranking System.

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A Tale of Two Finns: Patrik Laine vs Jesse Puljujarvi

Jeremy Davis
April 14 2016 09:00AM

A little while back, Canucks general manager Jim Benning announced that he’d be looking to draft a defenceman in the first round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, barring an elite forward being available that was too hard to pass up. So a couple of weeks ago I set out a primer for this year’s top four defencemen, making the assumption that the Canucks were likely to fall in the 4-10 range on draft day.

Then the Canucks went on a nine-game losing streak, and although they somehow managed to win four of their last six games, their final standings position has been cemented at 28th. Suddenly a top three pick is not only possible, but downright likely - only leapfrogging lottery winners could shake them from the top three.

With the new lottery system this year, any team out of the playoff picture has three cracks to move into the top three, where they'll have a chance to draft a franchise altering player. The first overall pick is nearly a no-brainer - Auston Matthews is considered the best player available, and only a few rabblerousers are challenging that notion.

In the second and third spots though, two towering Finnish wingers are slated to be taken. Both are well above six feet tall, and are putting up respectable numbers in the top tier Finnish league as 17-year olds. Say you’ve got the second overall pick at your disposal, who do you pick: Patrik Laine or Jesse Puljujärvi?

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TLN Draft Prospect Watch: Matthew Tkachuk

Jon Steitzer
April 14 2016 07:53AM

He has a familiar name and the pedigree that goes with it. Being a 100 point player on the powerhouse London Knights, who just happened to be owned by the guy running the draft for the Leafs. He has NHL size (194 lbs, 6’1), and he’s dominated at every level. That’s pretty much the short version on why we’re talking about Matthew Tkachuk as a Top Five player in the draft.

Of course, when scouts start talking about pedigree and size that often raises flags for the rest of us and while Tkachuk is definitely a proven first round talent, certainly one worthy of going in the first half of the round, there may be others more worthy of going in the top five of the draft.

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Marlies load up, but lose last school day game of the year

Jeff Veillette
April 13 2016 04:28PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Maple Leafs' season is over, and with it goes the rotation of first looks for players who started their season at Ricoh Coliseum. The group has been sent back, the roster has ballooned to a whopping 47 players, and the team set its sight on rebuilding chemistry before the start of the Calder Cup Playoffs. Their first crack at it wasn't overly successful, though, as they fell 3-2 to the Hartford Wolfpack on a sunny but chilly Wednesday morning.

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