Top 5 Trade Destinations for James Reimer

Tom Hunter
February 01 2016 02:04PM

With the trade deadline four weeks from today, everyone knows that the Leafs are in full-on sell mode. Toronto has a large number of pending free agents and a desire to accumulate as many draft picks for Mark Hunter and Kyle Dubas as possible. From now until February 29, we are going to take a look at some potential destinations for players that could be traded.

James Reimer is an interesting case. He is a fan favorite that when healthy this season has outplayed Bernier by a significant margin. Many in Leafs Nation feel he should be the goalie of the future and feel he has proven himself enough to deserve a long-term contract. The health issues though can't be overlooked, though. The best goalies in the world become significantly less valuable when they can't carry the workload of an NHL starter and, as good as he's been, Reimer has not proven the capability to play a full season.

With his contract up at the end of the season and his play at an all-time high, it's as good a time as any to be shopping the Reimer. There are likely more than a few teams that have playoff aspirations that could use some help in net, so here are the five potential destinations for James Reimer...

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"Who Own Da Picks?"

Jon Steitzer
February 01 2016 09:01AM

It's the All-Star break. It's awful. Albeit John Scott, Brent Burns, and P.K. Subban did a lot to make it less awful, but not much is happening around the league and we've all had way too much time to spend considering claiming Raffi Torres on waivers.

With a month to go before the trade deadline, and the standings looked in for a few days, today seems like a reasonable time to take a look at who owns which draft pick heading into the trade deadline, and how that may make some teams better trade partners for the rebuilding Leafs.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: One Month to the Trade Deadline Edition

Jon Steitzer
February 01 2016 07:58AM

The Leafs played two games before the All-Star break and lost by a combined total of 6-1. That doesn't give a whole lot of players to positively rank this week. Let's assume Bernier was #1, Kadri was #2, and the rest of the team was tied at 20. 

Instead of just ending the Power Rankings here, we'll do something a little different this week and rank the top ten players the Leafs should be trading by the deadline. Deadline is underlined since there are other Leafs that might be worth moving, but don't necessarily make as much sense as in season deals.

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Leivo, Nylander, Brennan impress in AHL Skills Competition

Jeff Veillette
January 31 2016 08:48PM


The NHL aren't the only hockey league with an All-Star game this weekend. The American Hockey League's festivities kicked off tonight, as representatives from the league's various teams got together in Syracuse, New York for a skills competition. William Nylander, Josh Leivo, TJ Brennan, and head coach Sheldon Keefe were all there representing the Toronto Marlies, and the players all took part in various events.

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Roberto Luongo, of all people fuels Stamkos-to-Leafs fire

Jeff Veillette
January 31 2016 05:56PM

This year's NHL all-star game has been a lot of fun. PK Subban has continued to be the face that the league deserves but refuses to use, Jaromir Jagr has proven himself to be ageless, and John Scott has embarrassed the league by being completely and totally able to keep up despite the league's repeated attempts to keep him away from the event.

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