Pittsburgh Penguins clinch Playoffs, Leafs To Recieve 1st Rounder

Jeff Veillette
April 02 2016 04:07PM

After months of slight nervousness, the Pittsburgh Penguins have finally clinched their expected spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, meaning that the conditions have been finalized for the trade that sent former Leafs star Phil Kessel to the Steel City.

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LGD: Playing Spoiler

Justin Fisher
April 02 2016 10:51AM

This is one of those games where you desperately want the Toronto Maple Leafs to lose, being tied for dead last in the NHL standings but also only four small points away behind the 25th-place Vancouver Canucks. This late in the season, it's no longer about 'auditioning for a job' or 'playing with dignity' - with this year's draft lottery setup, it could be almost detrimental to jump up the standings by a few spots in the dying moments of the season. The Leafs really, really need to lose.

But if they don't... well, it would be pretty fun in a completely different way. 

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Michalek Out For Season, Gauthier Recalled

Justin Fisher
April 02 2016 09:14AM

The fancy footwork that is the Leafs' recent roster moves continued this morning following news that Milan Michalek will miss the five remaining games in the regular season with a knee injury. 

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Kaskisuo makes AHL debut in Marlies victory

Jeff Veillette
April 01 2016 10:06PM


The Toronto Marlies wasted no time getting college signing Kasimir Kaskisuo into the lineup, playing him tonight against the Syracuse Crunch in their opening game of the weekend. They also wasted no time extending their lead in the standings, getting their new goaltender his first professional win in a 4-3 result.

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LFR9 - Game 77 - Borderline - Tor 1, Buf 4

Steve Dangle
April 01 2016 03:10PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.33.54 AM

That's a long drive to see your team get rocked but it was worth it.

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