LGD: Oh Carolina

Jon Steitzer
January 21 2016 09:58AM

This is less about playing a game of hockey against the Carolina Hurricanes, and more about giving them a chance to scout James Reimer up close and personal to see if he can fit in with the Canes attempted playoff run.

With Cam Ward sidelined with concussion like symptoms, the Canes have gonna from having two struggling goaltenders to one who is playing terrible this season, in Eddie Lack. If there's a team out there that it makes sense to be all over landing Reimer tomorrow, it's the Canes, especially with Toronto's ability to take Cam Ward's salary off their hands. It's worth noting that the Canes have a second first round pick this year too (L.A.). 

So basically what I'm saying is, hope that Reimer has the game of his life and Lou Lamoriello watches the game while sitting beside Ron Francis tonight.

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Leo Komarov's value has never been higher, so don't trade him

Jeff Veillette
January 21 2016 06:50AM

Original Photo by Steve Russell / Toronto Star. Photo has been manipulated.

Yesterday afternoon, my good friend Jon Steitzer wrote a very good piece about why trading Leafs forward Leo Komarov makes sense. He puts up some interesting, well thought out arguments, and I commend him for the effort he put into it.

Now, Jon and I don't agree with each other often. Take TLN's All-Time Team for example. It wasn't picked quietly, and it wasn't picked easily, and most of the reasoning for that was because Jon and I were screaming at each other on a minutely basis. If there weren't several provinces between us and a massive age gap (Jon is three years old), we probably would have literally fought each other. All because we couldn't decide on which wingers would win the "we can only pick four or five centres" participation ribbons.

Anyway, I don't disagree with Jon as much on Komarov, but I still think he's wrong. Leo Komarov should absolutely stay with the Leafs for the foreseeable future.

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No Drou, Just Win at Ricoh Coliseum as Marlies pull off comeback

Jeff Veillette
January 21 2016 12:52AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin / TSGPhoto.com

Heading into tonight's Toronto Marlies game, much of the talk was about the Syracuse Crunch. Specifically, it was about Jonathan Drouin, and how he would play against the AHL's best team as he awaited his trade. Suddenly, it became about how he was out of the lineup (first reported by yours truly) on his own accord, refusing to play another game until he was moved. But that didn't matter to the players on the ice, who had a game to play; one which the Marlies won with a fantastic comeback.

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A night atop the city on Molson's Rooftop Rink

Jeff Veillette
January 20 2016 05:54PM

All Photos Property of Jeff Veillette / TheLeafsNation.com

When gossip started coming about that there was a rink on top of a downtown skyscraper in Toronto, I was a little surprised. Not that the rink was shocking, but more so that people found it mysterious. Molson Canadian, after all, had been running a commercial for months displaying that they would be building a rooftop rink somewhere. It played so often, in fact, that I began to get jealous of the people who were going up.

Suddenly an email popped up in my inbox, asking me if I wanted to play some pickup hockey. From a person, I had never spoken with before. Normally this would be weird and creepy, but given the circumstances, I had to say yes.

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LFR9 - Game 44 - Ghost Bear - Tor 3, Phi 2

Steve Dangle
January 20 2016 01:53PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.09.14 PM

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

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