How and Why A Fan Runs On the Ice

Blake Murphy
March 31 2014 01:19PM


We’re sure you didn’t miss it, but a fan managed to hop onto the ice at the Leafs home game against Tampa Bay on March 19. It was silly, kind of funny, and far more unique to hockey than it is to baseball.

It also raises some questions, like why someone would risk punishment to do this, how they managed to climb the glass before security could step in, and how much alcohol was involved?

Well, we managed to track down the man who ran on the ice and became pseudo-famous for a few minutes. We’ve left his name and any identifying details out, but below you’ll find the key parts of a 20-minute interview conducted last week.

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The collapse and "I Told You So"

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 31 2014 11:21AM


As the Toronto Maple Leafs' losing skid goes from "normal" to "concerning" to "I'm pretty sure we're watching a fictional movie", there's a lot of emotions being expressed across the fanbase. A lot of them seem to be of a weird and confusing delight, which is the topic of everybody's usual arguments. But should those who "saw it coming" be bragging? I feel the answer is complicated.

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Could Guy Boucher's 1-3-1 be what the Leafs forwards need?

Cam Charron
March 31 2014 08:35AM

I was listening to the newest Steve Dangle podcast and a listener emailed in a question about which coaches should replace Randy Carlyle. It's interesting because one or two episodes ago, Steve & Co. couldn't really place a finger on a candidate. One of the many emailers submitting a question about Carlyle provided a list of names to choose from. One of them was Guy Boucher.

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Marlies Score 6 in Action Packed Win over Abbotsford

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 30 2014 06:12PM

unnamed (1)

Sometimes the world gets a little dry, but when it rains, it pours. Today, the rain was in the second period, and it came in the form of a torrential downpour. Eight goals in the second period provided the entertainment, and a couple in the third put the Toronto Marlies so close to a playoff spot that they could taste it. 

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - March 30, 2014 - Sitting duck

Steve Dangle
March 30 2014 02:45PM

In this episode, Steve & Chris talk about where the Leafs go from here, the future of the team, and issue an open invitation to Steve Simmons.

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