TLN Player Power Rankings: January 18th Edition

Jon Steitzer
January 18 2016 03:00PM

It's Power Rankings Time! Time for a jovial look back at the Leafs week that was. 

What? You're not feeling jovial after losing the Blue Jackets, suffering through a Patrick Kane hattrick, and a Brad Marchand game winning goal? 

Well, too bad, this is happening. So let's just take comfort in the fact that a lot of these guys are going to be traded soon.

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It's time to talk about Auston Matthews

Ryan Fancey
January 18 2016 01:15PM

It's been a tough few weeks for the Leafs since the turn of the calendar - 2016 hasn't been kind to them at all, and after dropping five of their last seven in regulation the club now sits just one point up on the Jackets for dead last in the NHL. 

While it should be noted the current gap between the cellar dwellers and the playoff bubble teams is not as significant as years past (think Buffalo and their dive to the bottom last season), the Leafs are now firmly in top pick territory and should remain there as they unload a few veterans next month. For that reason, it's time to talk about first overall. It's time to talk about Auston Matthews.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: January 18th

Jeff Veillette
January 18 2016 12:33PM


So, uhh... one point away from last. How about that. The Leafs are still rocking the "good job, good effort" performances on the ice, but the hope from more optimistic fans that this team could climb their way out of the standings ditch has to be all but gone at this rate, no?

Thankfully, most have already started looking to the deadline, draft, and free agency, which feature heavily in this week's mailbag. Let's dive in!

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Marlies end road trip with loss to St. John's

Jeff Veillette
January 17 2016 11:59PM


As good as the Toronto Marlies have been this year, "you can't win them all" is still a phrase that rings true for the first-place team. The team has had some impressive runs, going on four winning streaks of at least five games in their first 40 games. Arguably, the most impressive of the bunch was them going six for seven during their Royal Winter Fair road trip, but tonight, they had the opportunity to one-up that by winning out their second extended disappearance.

It wasn't meant to be, however, as the blue and white dropped the last game of the tour against the St. John's IceCaps.

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Marlies to regain William Nylander soon, but might lose Stuart Percy

Jeff Veillette
January 17 2016 07:36PM


Injuries giveth, and injuries taketh away. At least, that was the case for the Toronto Marlies today. Significant process appears to have been made with William Nylander while Stuart Percy seems a little worse for wear after today's game against St. John's.

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