Jonathan Bernier Was Just Joking, Thank God

Cat Silverman
November 17 2015 11:12AM


This morning, we brought up that the Leafs may be looking at Malcolm Subban of the Boston Bruins reasonable, since the Leafs have seen exactly zero wins from early year starter Jonathan Bernier over the course of the Fall 2015 campaign.

Bernier ended up getting mildly injured and sat out a few games, though, during which time backup James Reimer has improved his record on the year to 5-2-1. He has a .925 raw save percentage, was the league's third start of the week last week, and looks miles above his now-number two, Bernier. 

Is Bernier handling it well? 


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Malcolm Subban and the Pros of Bringing in Goalie Talent

Cat Silverman
November 17 2015 07:53AM

The Leafs' goaltending situation for roughly the last half decade - bordering on a little longer than that - has been nothing short of a comedy of errors. 

It may have started with Andrew Raycroft. It may have started with Jonas Gustavsson or Vesa Toskala; at this point, it almost doesn't even matter. The bottom line, where it stands now, is that the Toronto Maple Leafs can't get a win out of Jonathan Bernier to save their lives and James Reimer is a pending unrestricted free agent. 

That leaves the team right where they've been for the last few years - failing to put up successful numbers in net while also icing an impressive product. As a result, the rumors are starting to fly - and Malcolm Subban, the former first round draft selection for the Boston Bruins, is the name that's been brought up more often than not. 

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REPORT: Stephane Robidas still a ways away from recovery

Jeff Veillette
November 16 2015 05:25PM

The Leafs aren't exactly in a rush to get Stephane Robidas back into their lineup; they're having enough trouble fitting in the defencemen that are healthy and better suited to the present roster. That hasn't stopped the Robidas from trying to come back though his timeline is still yet to be seen.

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Monday Mailbag: Self-Centred

Jeff Veillette
November 16 2015 02:00PM


You know you're having a rough go at things when just about any attempt to wear you down is successful. Such was Jonathan Bernier's night yesterday, which is yet another cog in the machine of sadness for a goalie once pegged as the long-term answer in Toronto. It's kind of sad to see, really; he's either having awful luck at the worst possible time for his career, or he's starting a very sudden decline.

For the sake of both sides, the former needs to be the end-game here. We'll see. In the meantime, we've got another mailbag for you! If you want to be in next weeks, tweet at @TLNdc with your questions, or leave a comment.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: November 16, 2015

Jon Steitzer
November 16 2015 12:00PM

The Leafs spent the past week playing some of their best hockey since the lockout-shortened season, and after a terrible 1-7-2 October, they are now enjoying a 4-2-2 November and though they are still just 2 points ahead of last place in the league, the spot hilariously occupied by the Edmonton Oilers. As much as I'd rather continue to explore how great it is that the Oilers are still the absolute worst team in the league, and probably always will be, there are legitimate good performances from the Leafs this week that need to be recognized, so I'll do that instead.

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