Can Gardiner take over?

Ryan Fancey
July 31 2014 07:32AM

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With the Jake Gardiner contract now sorted out, the Leafs look to be just about done with their off-season activity. They've made a few short-term, low-risk moves that most around these parts are happy with, and handled everything else a lot better than we were expecting. It's been a relatively positive summer.

There could be a minor change or two left to open up some bottom six forward spots, but it looks like we've finally reached the point where we can do what Leafs' fans do best: pick the lineup apart five-hundred different ways until opening night. 

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Mailbag: Responsenado

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 30 2014 09:02PM


As I write this, the entirety of hockey twitter is fascinated with the newest version of Sharknado. I still haven't watched the first one, because "So bad that it's almost good. Okay, not good, but we pay attention to it anyway" is the purpose of my existence, not the plot of a movie. Everybody seems to be having a ton of fun, though, so who am I to judge? Here are some questions and answers.

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Reimer's contract

July 30 2014 07:05AM


#Reimer's contract; real opportunity to be Leafs #1 or just more appealing trade bait?

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Leafs, Gardiner Agree on 5 Year deal

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 29 2014 04:42PM

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Has this offseason left you optimistic? Excited? Confused? A combination of all three! Well, we here at feel the same way. Surely, the Leafs are due for a decision that completely and totally messes this run up and makes every good move made seem insignificant.

Well, today isn't the day for that. Jake Gardiner is back, and he's here for five more years, at a cap hit of $4.05 million.

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Hockey night in Canada Icons...

July 29 2014 11:52AM


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