LFR9 - Game 41 - Black & Blue Jackets - CBJ 3, Tor 1

Steve Dangle
January 14 2016 02:12PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.44.55 PM

The Leafs lost to the Blue Jackets and I feel shame.

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Kypreos: It's Time to Pay or Trade Nazem Kadri

Tom Hunter
January 14 2016 01:00PM

Between drafting Auston Matthews and finding a dump truck big enough to carry all of Steven Stamkos' money, this offseason is going to be a busy one for Brendan Shanahan and the Maple Leafs' front office. As things sit right now the team has 13 pending RFAs, and aside from Casey Bailey, the team is likely going to want to retain them all. The most pressing name on the list is Morgan Rielly but a close second is likely Nazem Kadri. 

After signing a one-year "show-me" contract worth $4.1m this past offseason, all reports point to Kadri looking for a long term contract that will run well into his UFA years. He's going to want a raise and long-term security and with the way he's been playing this season he most certainly deserves it. 

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Pronman Ranks 4 Leafs in His Top 50 Prospects List

Jon Steitzer
January 14 2016 10:08AM

You’ve probably noticed our minds have been focused on the Leafs prospects this week as we’ve been counting down the TLN Top 20 Midterm Rankings. (6-10, 11-15, 16-20, Honourable Mentions, and top five tomorrow)

It’s nice to see that we aren’t alone in looking at prospects and Corey Pronman of ESPN has put out a new list of the top 50 prospects around the league (ESPN Insider paywall, but worth it).

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Leafs Recall Rich Clune

Jon Steitzer
January 14 2016 09:08AM

By now we're all used to the yo-yo approach the Leafs have been using with Marlies players this season and the two most frequent participants in this process have been Mark Arcobello and Rich Clune. Since it was Mark Arcobello recalled to the Leafs last time, that means...

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TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: #10 to #6

Justin Fisher
January 14 2016 08:45AM

#10 - Scott Harrington

Harrington is an intriguing prospect. Developing a defenceman is often hit or miss, and the Leafs had the opportunity to cut the line when they acquired Harrington from Pittsburgh in July. While not exactly a blue-chipper poised to win a Norris race, the 22-year-old former second rounder came with 150 games of professional experience on successful teams and an extensive Major Junior career with Mark Hunter's former London Knights. It's been over half a decade of sink-or-swim on top teams for him, which has forced him to develop a little faster than most mid-tier talents.

This year, Harrington impressed in just about every training camp appearance he made, leading to him making the Leafs roster to start the season. While he wasn't dressed every single night, he did manage to get himself in fifteen games. In that stretch, he spent most of his time playing a draw-back shutdown game with Roman Polak which saw the two start most of their shifts in the offensive zone; not so much to try and score but to help the more adept forwards keep the puck from too far across the ice. Harrington's positive relative possession numbers represent success in this regard.

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