What about the Goaltending Prospects?

Jon Steitzer
June 21 2015 07:14PM

You might have noticed recently on The Leafs Nation that we’ve had a lot of draft coverage. You might have also noticed recently that the Leafs really need to start doing an incredible job of drafting in order to turn their franchise around. That has led us to looking into as many skaters in the draft as we possibly can. The one area we’ve ignored has been goaltenders, with the exception of Justin Fisher’s plea to consider drafting one again this year.

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The Leafs' Top 5 Draft Busts

Elizabeth Bate
June 21 2015 03:05PM

Screen cap courtesy Leafs TV

It's time for the worst of the worst. The biggest mistakes the franchise ever made come draft time. And who better to point them out then the Leafs biggest fan who loves to hate them? ...And since she wasn't available so they asked me. 

But really, when you think about who was the biggest waste of time, the biggest waste of money, and simply just the weirdest choices, these are the picks that come to mind. These are the mistakes you pray they'll never make again, but you know in your heart of hearts there's always the potential for a pick like one of these to show up and just ruin your whole season before it's even begun. (I find if you're having a nightmare about the potential for a bad pick, or you're just feeling sad that we didn't get McDavid it's helpful to sit down with a nice cup of tea and chant quietly 'we have Babcock, things will be ok now.' repeatedly). 

With no further ado, lets get to the hate fest.

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Everson, McNally become free agents in aftermath of Harvard Cheating Scandal

Cat Silverman
June 21 2015 02:50PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs defensive prospect Max Everson was drafted in the seventh round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, but his chances to slip on a blue jersey just got a little bit slimmer. 

The same, unfortunately, might be said of Patrick McNally - a fourth round pick from 2010 for the Vancouver Canucks. 

Everson and McNally were the two NHL prospects who skated only seven games for Harvard University during the 2012-2013 season, following their involvement in the 2012 Harvard Cheating Scandal -- a controversy over whether or not students in the 2012 Government 1310 class (Introduction to Congress) had collaborated on a take-home final exam. Nearly half of the 279-person class (roughly two percent of the entire freshman student body at Harvard in spring of 2012) had investigations brought against them, with an estimated seventy of the 125 students being forced to withdraw. 

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Dubas fielding trade calls, Leafs not looking to retain Kessel's salary

Ryan Fancey
June 21 2015 10:41AM

Elliotte Friedman released this week's edition of Thirty Thoughts on Sunday morning and there were a few interesting Leafs tidbits - mainly regarding their front office operations, and of course, the potential upcoming Kessel trade.

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Fiction vs. Reality: Expectations for Jonathan Bernier's New Contract

Cat Silverman
June 20 2015 02:34PM

Jonathan Bernier sent the hockey community into a somewhat-warranted tailspin (at least in Toronto, which is the centre of all things anyway) when his wife posted a picture of their baby son on Instagram with the Leafs logos on his shirt altered out of the picture. 

The whole story suggested that she and Bernier knew something about his impending contract that the rest of the hockey world didn't -- and while it may be that their son is going to be on Hockey Wives in the onesie (meaning the logo would need to be cropped out) or that he's going to get dealt, it's also entirely likely that the family just didn't want to announce ahead of the club that the Toronto Maple Leafs had elected to go to salary arbitration with the 26 year old netminder

Bernier has been a source of controversy among Leafs fans, analysts, and media personnel for what seems like forever -- so this is hardly a shock. What can we expect from it, though? 

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