The Leafs fan who got KO'd in Boston

Steve Dangle
May 06 2013 02:35AM

After the Leafs’ Game 2 victory over the Boston Bruins, a video began to make the rounds of a Leafs fan lying unconscious in the TD Garden. Witnesses said he had been assaulted by an angry Bruins fan (who ran off and has not been found), and taken to hospital. The video now has well over 45,000 views.

As more information came out, the victim’s identity became public. His name is Kyle Hay, and it turns out that he is a friend of a friend of mine, Bryan Barton. Byran happened to be there with him, as well. I got in contact with both of them late Sunday night. Many people have been asking about the exact details of the incident, so here’s what they had to say.

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Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week: Six-o de Mayo

Cam Charron
May 06 2013 02:31AM

A few scattered thoughts... my brain is cluttered this week.

No. 1 - Matching up

Read some analysis on how effective Colton Orr was at being a "constant pain" for Zdeno Chara, battling with him in front of the net and knocking him down twice. Not sure I buy that. Chara had a fantastic Game 2, as noted by James Mirtle in his column about the matchups. (Mine can be found here)

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LFR6 - Round 1, Game 2 - The Thrill

Steve Dangle
May 05 2013 01:41PM


The Bruins are human! The Leafs use their speed in Game 2, tying the series up 1-1!

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How the Leafs got Kessel away from Chara in Game 2

Cam Charron
May 05 2013 12:00PM

Suffice to say, a major difference between regular season games and playoff games is that coaches stick more to matches in the playoffs. Phil Kessel played less than two minutes in the first game against defencemen other than Zdeno Chara, and if you consult the graph after the jump, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Huge difference between Chara v. Kessel in Game 1 of the series and Chara v. Kessel in the two regular season games. 

In Game 2 however, Randy Carlyle worked his bench to maximize the number of shifts Kessel could play away from Chara, and Kessel scored his first five-on-five goal ever against the Bruins on one of them. 

Coincidence? Probably, but that was one of the bigger Leafs goals in the last decade.

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Leafs take second game 4-2, beat Bruins in most complete effort of 2013

Cam Charron
May 04 2013 08:57PM

via Jim Rogash/Getty via NHLInteractive

Coming into the series, the smart money was that if the Toronto Maple Leafs were able to a take a game or two from the Boston Bruins in this series, it would be on the back of James Reimer, especially if the win came at the TD Garden.

What I don't think anybody was expecting was that against Boston, the team's Mt. Kilimanjaro over the last two seasons, and in the playoffs, the Leafs would put together their most complete 60-minute effort with contributions from almost their entire roster. It was an amazing display of hockey and an amazing coaching performance for Randy Carlyle who was able to press all the right pressure points tonight. Using a combination of quick changes, zone matching and line juggling, Carlyle was able to maximize the time his scorers spent away from Zdeno Chara and they all came through. 

Joffrey Lupul scored twice. Phil Kessel scored once and James van Riemsdyk scored an absolute beauty to seal the deal late in the game. Who cares who scored for the Bruins? Both were awful bounces. The Leafs took it to the Bruins in every way they could tonight, picking the right spots to hit, taking shots, and were more aggressive in transition rather than simply trying to collapse every moment in the offensive zone.

Again, while Reimer only had to make a couple of big stops… where the heck was this Leafs team all year?

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