The Steve Dangle Podcast - Oct 13, 2015 - No Peppers

Steve Dangle
October 13 2015 10:10PM

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On this episode, we discuss a potential rebuild (or not) in Boston, the Mike Richards saga, hear Natalie Spooner's take on the hot dog/sandwich debate, and the guys try to force me to face my fear of peppers.

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The Leafs are on pace for 27 points. #MyColumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
October 13 2015 06:21PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs got their big fish in Mike Babcock this summer - addressing apparent issues off the ice instead of on the ice. But if you ask me Randy Carlyle was a hockey board, hockey player, and bench away from the real problem. Yet the Leafs didn't address the real issues, and that's showing already. 

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ESPN Once Again Ranks the Leafs the Worst Sports Franchise In North America

Jon Steitzer
October 13 2015 02:25PM

It appears that the NHL Standings aren’t the only ones that have the Leafs at the bottom lately. Just when you feel you haven’t been reminded enough about what a disaster the Leafs are, BOOM! here come the ESPN “Ultimate” Standings, which ranking teams from the big four sports leagues by a number of criteria, and for the third time in four years, the Maple Leafs are dead last at 122nd overall.

Now, there are lots of reasons to not care about what ESPN and what the average sports fan thinks of the Leafs. There are plenty of people, including Leafs fans, who would purposely rank the Leafs lower in polls and surveys because of sports hate, and there are plenty of flaws in a criteria that values stadium experience three times  more than it values the coaching staff, but hidden in this clickbaity poll are actually some unfortunate truths about this organization.

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Nikolai Skladnichenko and Toronto Marlies Mutually Part Ways

Jeff Veillette
October 12 2015 08:47PM

When you sign a grocery list's worth of players to contracts across the organization, it's not surprising when one or two don't go according to plan. Such is the case with forward Nikolai Skladnichenko, who the Marlies have agreed to part ways with so he can pursue other opportunities.

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Monday Mailbag: Happy Thanksgiving

Jeff Veillette
October 12 2015 11:10AM


It's Turkey Day! Today, we're thankful for every single one of you who comes back and makes us feel like our insanity placed in the form of paragraphs is worth something. We're also thankful that we had no expectations for this team to do great things this year, because if we did, we might be spending this weekend in an institution. This is going to be a weird six or so months..

Anyway, we have a bunch of questions this week, as we usually do. Let's get started!

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