LGD: Dion Returns

Justin Fisher
March 05 2016 01:48PM

It's going to be a very different looking Battle of Ontario this evening, with Dion Phaneuf returning to Toronto for the first time since being traded to Ottawa nearly a month ago. And while I'm very excited/blessed to be watching William Nylander and all the other youngsters playing in the NHL, I'm most excited to see which Leaf will challenge Phaneuf to a fight. I'm assuming it's going to be one of the newer Leafs, so my money is on... hmmm... Colin Greening? Yeah. Colin Greening.

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Marlies shutout for first time of the season against Comets

Jeff Veillette
March 04 2016 08:11PM

Blurry Screencap via Utica Comets on Instagram

Nobody truly expects the Toronto Marlies to be invincible, especially with all of the team's brightest young talent up with the Leafs, but that doesn't stop the rare losses from stinging, even if just a little. Today's might hurt more than others, though, as the team were shut out for the first time this season in a 4-0 loss to the Utica Comets.

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Friday Roundtable: Time For The Young Blood

Tom Hunter
March 04 2016 01:59PM

They're here. It finally happened. All season, fans in Toronto have been waiting for the mass sell-off that would lead to open roster spots and now that the trade deadline has passed, the plan is unfolding before our eyes. When Leafs management loaded up on cheap veterans in the offseason, it was clear the intention was to let the kids play and develop with the Marlies until the time was right to get their call to the NHL. That time is now. Over the past couple of weeks, we've had the chance to look into the future. We've seen Maple Leaf debuts from Nylander, Kapanen, Carrick, Hyman, Leipsic and Soshnikov. We'll likely see most back with the Marlies in the near future to go on a deep playoff run, but odds are that if this rebuild is going to work as we've planned we'll be seeing a big impact from this group in the coming years.

So who were the writers at TLN most impressed with in their first few games with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

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LFR9 - Game 63 - About You - Min 2, Tor 1

Steve Dangle
March 04 2016 12:40PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.40.29 PM

They ruined the game. Again.

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The TLN Weekly Report Card: March 4, 2016

Jon Steitzer
March 04 2016 11:05AM

It's that time of the week again. It's time to give thumbs up or down to individual Leaf performances. On one hand, they've lost three times. On the other hand, THE KIDZ R HERE!!! Also Ben Smith!!!


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