LGD: Preparing for an Avalanche

Bobby Cappuccino
October 14 2014 11:50AM

So the Leafs opened the season with a solid effort against the Habs, a brutal loss against the Penguins, and an absolutely dominant win against the Rangers. Leafs Nation has had its ups and downs so far as a result, but people have stepped away from the big red button that says “PRESS WHEN THE END IS NIGH” and are a bit more cautiously optimistic. 

Tonight, the Avalanche are in town. Their first two games of the season (both against Minnesota) were pretty bad (the first one especially), but they pushed out a last second victory against the Bruins last night. Like the Leafs, the Avs are a bad possession/high shooting % team. Unlike the Leafs, the Avalanche don’t seem concerned in trying to fix that (although they’ve improved their possession a bit in the last two games). 

Both teams are fast and can score a lot. This should be a fun one.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 14, 2014 - Adam's Shiny Teeth

Steve Dangle
October 14 2014 11:23AM

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 1.15.44 PM

On this episode, the guys talk blowouts, shiny teeth, and new producer Jesse!

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October 14 2014 09:06AM

During this past week we took a trip down to LA to watch the Kings open up their 2014-15 season by raising the Stanley Cup, have a chat with our new cousins at The Royal Half and have a chat with Violent Gentlemen. This article is about their cool company and how they have helped me greatly with the Nation Network. 

You have been forewarned in advance. Anyone looking for Corsi/Fenwick6 calculations should skip this piece.

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Monday Mailbag: Happy Thanksgiving

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 13 2014 06:27PM


To start things off, we here at TheLeafsNation.com would like to wish all of our Canadian readers (aka, most of our readers) a Happy Thanksgiving. We're very thankful for all the time you've invested into reading our content and giving your feedback. Even when it's not positive, it's appreciated, and for the most part it happens to be positive. We look forward to becoming even better as time progresses, and it couldn't be done without all of your support. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope your day off was awesome, at least. We're also thankful for all of these questions you asked - some of them are going to be answered below!

To submit your question, please send a tweet to @TLNdc or leave it in these comments.

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LFR8 - Game 3 - Bright Lights of Broadway - Tor 6, NYR 3

Steve Dangle
October 13 2014 01:09PM

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 10.43.38 AM

HAPPY DANGLE IS BACK! And so are the Leafs! Feeling better?

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