TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: #15-#11

Justin Fisher
January 22 2014 06:17AM

(Photo: @GSparks40 )

#15 - Garret Sparks - G (Toronto, AHL)

Goaltenders are difficult to judge so I'll keep this brief, but Sparks is the most advanced Leafs goalie prospect in the system and has excellent social media game, which makes him Top 15 candidate. 
A strong .924 save percentage in 495 minutes with the Orlando Solar Bears makes up for a disappointing .891 save percentage in 295 minutes with the Toronto Marlies, but those are goalies and small samples. Limited playing time recently due to playing behind a strong Drew MacIntyre in Toronto, but goalies take longer anyway. - Cam Charron

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LFR7 - Game 52 - Denver Half Dozen - Tor 5, Col 2

Steve Dangle
January 22 2014 03:34AM


The Leafs have won six straight games, so naturally I started talking about the playoffs.

Oh - and Dion Phaneuf's hat.

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Leafs postgame - James Reimer best goalie in the building tonight

Cam Charron
January 21 2014 10:13PM


In our Grade 8 English class, we were taught that there are three types of conflict for a narrative: Man versus Man, Man versus Nature, Man versus Himself. It seems an awful lot like the Leafs are angling for that third type. Oh, they decisively beat the Colorado Avalanche Tuesday night, with a late empty net goal by Jay McClement giving the Leafs a 5-2 win, but they didn't make it easy. That's six in a row, which came after a long losing streak where the team looked absolutely dead in the water.

It seems that win or lose, there's always a type of conflict present in the narrative. Despite holding a 4-0 lead, the Leafs needed saves from James Reimer late to hold onto a 4-2 lead and they did. After out-shooting Colorado 20-18 through two periods, on the road, on the second leg of a back-to-back, you may have expected some pushback from the Avalanche and indeed, it was 17-7 in the third, with many of the 17 shots by the Avalanche being high-quality chances, including a breakaway from Matt Duchene, and a bouncing puck in the slot that settled on Nathan MacKinnon's stick.

Nothing in sports is supposed to be easy but beating Semyon Varlamov was. One for Phil Kessel, one for James van Riemsdyk, one for Nazem Kadri, and he was gone.

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The Brozie Playlist

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
January 21 2014 02:08PM

Guest Post By Tyler Brozak

So Jeffler goes on Twitter and asks everybody for article ideas. You know, because he's lazier than Alex Kovalev in a preseason blowout. One of his suggestions is this..

So, I'm all  "that's brilliant, you should do that". He's all "waaaahh I'm Jeffler and above that, I'm just going to write a prospect report or something". If he's not going to write that article, I will. If he doesn't like it, he should pick a password that's more secure than grabovski84. 

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LGD - Game 52: Leafs @ Avalanche - Corsi splits

Cam Charron
January 21 2014 11:30AM

Another short LGD (but some fun statistical stuff) as there's a quick turnaround between Phoenix and Colorado. The Avalanche are the brethren of the Leafs: got off to a super hot start (the Avs were the only team the Leafs lost to in their first seven games) mostly fuelled by goaltending, but both teams have come back to earth since October. On November 1st, the teams were first in their respective conferences in points rate. 

Since November 1st, Colorado is 6th in the West and Toronto is 14th—ahead of just the New York Islanders and Buffalo—in the East. Interestingly, it's been the Avalanche who have a much more noticeable drop in goaltending: their team save percentage was .955 in October and is just .912 since. The Leafs were .937 after October and .913 from November 1st through last night.

The Avalanche are still a young team with a lot of talented young forwards, and still hold on to third spot in a relatively weak Central Division and will probably stay there with no real competition. We're not sure about the Leafs just yet, but Anthony Petrelli had a great characterization in his Leafs Notebook post from this week.

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