Rich young adults associated with cocaine also associated with hockey and maybe even the Toronto Maple Leafs

Jeff Veillette
October 05 2015 04:57PM

I guess we should have known that the Viktor Loov story wasn't going to blow over. A week after the Leafs prospect suggested to Swedish media that there was a "lot of cocaine" in the NHL and that there was "bound to be some" in the AHL as well, the NHL's deputy commissioner Bill Daly admitted that they've noticed an increase in usage around the league, and as TSN investigated further, found that there were Leafs players involved.

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TLN Player Profile: Nazem Kadri

Jeff Veillette
October 05 2015 12:58PM

Nazem Kadri grew up wanting nothing less than to be a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. While the NHL was always his dream, his sights were originally set on the bleu, blanc, et rouge of the Montreal Canadiens. But when Brian Burke decided that drafting him was going to be the best way to get a good player while annoying as many people as possible, the tables turned. Suddenly, he had a new and unlikely favourite team, and six years later, he might be the best player in blue and white.

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Stephane Robdias suddenly injures his everything, won't make the Leafs

Jeff Veillette
October 05 2015 11:09AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have joined multiple other NHL teams in exiling big contracts, letting 38-year-old Stephane Robidas that he will not make the team. The native of Sherbrooke, Quebec is on the second year of a three-year, $9,000,000 contract.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Opening Roster Edition

Jon Steitzer
October 05 2015 10:21AM

The preseason is over. The roster is set-ish. We are back to a nice clean slate where almost anything is possible (a playoff season falls into the exclusions.) With that fresh start, we're gonna restart the Player Power Rankings this week as well. No "Last Week's Rankings", those were preseason rankings. This is all about the 82 games that matter (again, we'll assume playoffs aren't happen). And our journey starts now on ranking the players who will lead the charge to the draft lottery.

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Toronto Trims Roster by 11, Reassign Nylander and Kapanen

Cat Silverman
October 04 2015 11:45AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs went pretty deep into camp with a fairly overflowing roster. 

We can only assume that the Leafs found it necessary to carry 35 players up until a few days before rosters have to be finalized because the team is made up of a handful of blue chip prospects, a few aging core pieces from the *last* rebuild, and about twelve nearly-identical, marginally useful depth pieces that needed to be sorted between and weeded through. 

Now, though, the roster has been trimmed down by eleven - and looking at who's left (as well as who got cut) can tell us a lot about what the Leafs are trying to do next year. It's our first real glance at the Shanaplan, and it's not half bad.

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