Skyfall: The 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs

Steve Dangle
May 27 2013 09:18PM

I made a montage of the Leafs' 2013 season. During the week that the end of the lockout was announced, and shortly after Brian Burke was fired, I heard Adele's song Skyfall that she made for the new James Bond movie with the same name. I'm always video editing and always tinkering with highlights, and it struck me as the perfect song to end the Leafs' season.

That is, of course, if the season wasn't an utter disaster. 

With the haunting "18-wheeler off of a cliff" collapse in the final months of the 2011-12 season, compounded with the sudden firing of Brian Burke, Toronto seemed destined for another disappointing non-playoff season. Well, it wasn't always pretty, but the Leafs fought hard, ended the drought, and brought the playoff rush that had been missing in Leafs Nation for nearly a decade.

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Canucks reportedly show interest in Marlies coach Dallas Eakins

Cam Charron
May 27 2013 02:58AM

The season is over, so the pickings are very slim for posts. We'll have some stuff later this week on the contract that the Leafs should give to Nazem Kadri. Meanwhile, Jeffler is digging around some team data in all the Maple Leafs games this year. Maybe we'll talk about the Eastern Conference Finals. Probably not, since people seem to think that because the Leafs were impressive against Boston, had they held on in Game 7 then they would have had as easy a time against the New York Rangers as the Bruins did.

The only major Leafs news out of the weekend was more Canucks-related. Vancouver fired their head coach of seven years Alain Vigneault, and a lot of names have been rumoured to be the replacement. One of them appears to be Dallas Eakins.

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YakovMironov's Leaflets: Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

Jon Steitzer
May 24 2013 01:12AM

In case you missed it over the past season, it’s become clear that Randy Carlyle seems to think fighting gives the Leafs some kind of competitive advantage. While I admit to some enjoyment from the occasional sideshow, it seemed ridiculous to link the success of the team to bad hockey players dropping their gloves to punch other bad hockey players. Since that seemed pretty stupid I decided to track it to see what kind of impact fights have for the Leafs.

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Open Thread: Angling for young forwards

Cam Charron
May 22 2013 10:27AM

Alex Burmistrov, via Wikimedia commons

Thomas Drance has a post up on Canucks Army this morning about the availability of players like Alex Burmistrov, Nino Niederreiter and Ryan Johansen. The Maple Leafs aren't in the same position, forward-wise, as Vancouver (meaning, Toronto has the ability to score goals on occasion) but it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to kick the tires on any of those three players.

I've been thinking about the success of the New York Islanders this season, how on a shoestring budget, they wrangled together not just a team that made the playoffs, but one that was also 11th in Corsi Tied. They slightly improved from last year's 17th from a team that needed good goaltending to make the playoffs to one that could survive even if the goalie was below average.

The Leafs were 29th in Corsi Tied this season. They performed much better in the playoffs, thanks to a blogger-approved, optimized lineup with Jake Gardiner given a prominent role and Nazem Kadri moving up to the first line centre position, as well as a strong two-way unit in Mikhail Grabovski, James van Riemsdyk and Nik Kulemin that excited a lot of commenters and commentators.

There's something about the Islanders' improvement that I think teams can learn from.

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Leo Komarov makes joke in Russian press

Cam Charron
May 21 2013 01:36PM

Leo Komarov via Wikimedia commons

An interview with Leafs fourth liner Leo Komarov popped up in Sport RU this morning. Pension Plan Puppets has a translation, where on first glance it appears that the Maple Leafs may lose their pesky Uncle Leo to the KHL and Dynamo Moscow:

- Maybe it's time to come back to Dynamo?

- My contract with Toronto is over. There are negotiations about coming back to Dynamo. Maybe. Or I could go to Australia, I think there's a hockey league, too.

That doesn't really pass the smell test, however.

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