LGD: Future Leafs Captain Steven Stamkos

Cat Silverman
December 15 2015 01:26PM


Question: Who doesn't love a good troll job? 

Answer: Half of the Leafs Nation proper, as evidenced by the troll job being executed today by the other half of Leafs Nation proper. 

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BozFeed: 13 Rejected Leafs Jersey Designs

Jon Steitzer
December 14 2015 03:00PM


Awwwwww snap! It's back. After hearing for like four people that they missed Bozfeed, it's officially had the moth balls dusted off it, and is back in action. 

Just in time too. The Leafs haven't played in a week and we've got the important business of figuring out what the new logo and jerseys for Toronto are going to look like. 

We've found a few suggestions, but I'm not sure if it would be good if the Leafs used them.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: December 14th

Jeff Veillette
December 14 2015 02:07PM


Hey! Today, we have answers to some of your questions in this fine mailbag post, but it's not your only opportunity to get in the conversation with the TLN Staff! In about two hours, I'll be joining a handful of smarter writers on /r/Leafs to participate in their AMA series, which we helped spawn. We hope you bring the heat; we'll literally answer any question you have about anything. In the mean time, here's a sampler to get you warmed up:

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Report: Leafs could host Rangers in Winter Classic at BMO Field

Ryan Fancey
December 14 2015 11:55AM

It's been no secret the Leafs are looking to host the outdoor Winter Classic game next season as part of their centennial celebration, but now it appears the details could be in process of being hammered out about the place, and most importantly, the opponent.

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2015 Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Buyers Guide

Shawn Reis
December 14 2015 11:02AM

Are you hoping to get a new Leafs jersey under the Christmas tree this year?  Are you looking to buy a Leafs jersey for somebody else?  Does your David Clarkson third jersey need replacing?  Don't worry, your 2015 Maple Leafs jersey buyer's guide is here, and just in time for the holidays.

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