Can Lou Lamoriello Play Nice in a Management Committee?

Cat Silverman
July 23 2015 11:21AM

As you all know by now, the Toronto Maple Leafs have brought in the final piece to their overhaul rebuild - at least, in the front office. 

The club announced on Thursday morning that Lou Lamoriello, the tenured GM and president of the New Jersey Devils, had resigned from his position with the Metropolitan Division club to join the Leafs as the new general manager there. That put Lamoriello, who had been in charge of the Devils organization since 1987, in a new position of power for the first time since before 90% of TLN staff was born. 

TLN's Jon Steitzer went out on a limb and discussed where he thinks Lou will fit into the Leafs front office - since, as things stand today, that's not a front office setting or composition that's especially traditional. 

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And Now For Something Completely Different: How Will Lamoriello Fit in With the Leafs Front Office?

Jon Steitzer
July 23 2015 10:02AM


It may be a bit premature to discuss how Lou Lamoriello will fit in with the current make up of the Leafs front office, but when random news like this comes down on a Thursday morning and seems so radically different from the direction the organization is going in, it seems like speculating wildly as soon as possible may be the best approach. After all it’s July, and we’re not going to see another hockey story this big for quite some time.

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Shock, awe, the Leafs name Lou Lamoriello GM

Ryan Fancey
July 23 2015 08:21AM

This management group has been full of surprises, but I think they might have just dropped the biggest one on us yet. Lou Lamoriello has stepped down as the Devils' president after nearly three decades and joined the Maple Leafs as their new general manager. [He'd recently moved on from the GM chair in Jersey to make way for Ray Shero]

Uhh, whoa..

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WWYDW: Would you have offered Columbus the fourth pick?

Justin Fisher
July 22 2015 06:34PM

As discovered by PPP a couple days back, it looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs made a pretty serious offer to the Columbus Blue Jackets that involved the fourth overall pick in the 2015 Draft. 

In the '2015 CBJ Draft Table' video released by Jackets TV, Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen mulled over an offer from the Leafs that would see the fourth overall pick swapped for the eighth, 34th, 38th and 58th. 

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It’s been one year - what exactly has Kyle Dubas done?

Bobby Cappuccino
July 22 2015 05:49PM

On July 22, 2014, the Toronto Maple Leafs fired good hockey people Claude Loiselle and Dave Poulin and hired the inexperienced Kyle Dubas. Many bloggers and tweeters praised the move and said it was the beginning of a new era, and showed that Brendan Shanahan was thinking outside the box with the kind of people he was bringing in. 

But sometimes there’s a reason it’s called “outside the box”. 

In the last 365 days, what has Kyle Dubas even done?

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