Why Trading Leo Komarov Just Makes Good Sense

Jon Steitzer
January 20 2016 12:08PM


To trade or not to trade, that is the question. When you ask that question of pretty much any player on the Leafs, the answer is pretty simple, “Sell baby, sell!” With Leo Komarov, it’s a little more complex than that, and over the next couple of days we’ll be taking a look at whether Uncle Leo should stay or if he should go.

I’ve been given the luxury of going first and making the correct argument, the one that says that Leo Komarov should be traded, assuming there’s the interest we suspect there to be.

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Who Will Be the Veterans On the 2018-19 Maple Leafs?

Tom Hunter
January 20 2016 07:28AM

“Normally, when you’ve been nine or 10 years in one spot, you’re not worried about (veterans),” Babcock said. “But when you come to a new place, you don’t know who they are. They’ve got to get going. So that’s up to them and up to me.”

This past October, in the midst of his first training camp as the head coach of the Maple Leafs, Mike Babcock made sure to point out how important he feels veteran leaders are to a hockey team. He spoke of familiarity with players and the idea that he wants guys to already know the practice format so he can spend more time teaching as opposed to demonstrating drills.

With the eyes of the fan base locked squarely on the kids of the future, the idea that the team will need veterans that Babcock can lean on is often overlooked. When the Maple Leafs are good enough to be a solid playoff team (let's say 2018-19), the core is going to be Nylander, Marner, Rielly and potentially one more. Matthews? Laine? Puljujarvi?

With a probable selloff of veterans in the next month, this Leafs team is going to get younger quickly. As the deadline approaches, we are likely going to hear rumors about every person on the active roster as people look to the future and forget that some of these current players (even the older ones) will still be around when the team gets good.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Jan 19, 2016 - Scott Free

Steve Dangle
January 19 2016 09:49PM

On this episode, the guys talk about the John Scott saga for hopefully the final time , Andrew Berkshire calls in for the ongoing Habs catastrophe, and more.

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Leafs Postgame: Gostisbeaten

Jeff Veillette
January 19 2016 09:18PM

Much like front-office compensation got grossly misused and manipulated in its few months of existence, the coaches challenge appears to have become more of a strategy than it is a way of fixing the rare gross oversight. In this case, though, I like it a lot, because even the slightest correction can make a huge difference and it requires the coaches to think quick and take big risks. 

Tonight, that risk didn't work out very much for the Leafs, as it cost them a goal. But you know how you get that back? With super-sniper Matt Hunwick, that's how.

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Marlies sign Eric Baier, Rylan Schwartz to PTOs

Jeff Veillette
January 19 2016 03:12PM

Photo Credit: Twitter / Orlando Solar Bears (@OrlandoHockey)

As bodies get banged up across the organization and the trade deadline looms, the Toronto Marlies have added a pair of reinforcements to help them weather the storm. The team confirmed earlier this afternoon that they have signed forward Rylan Schwartz and defenceman Eric Baier to professional tryout contracts.

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