Top Five Trade Destinations for Jake Gardiner

Bobby Cappuccino
February 19 2016 02:33PM

Every player has a price. As much as Gardiner has been impressive this season - most notably, in his single-handed ability to make Dion Phaneuf tradeable - he still has his detractors. Do any of those detractors sit amongst Leafs management? All signs would point to no. Even Babcock seems to be a fan of Gardiner, suggesting Gardiner and Morgan Rielly are the two future pieces to build around on the backend. 

It’s hard to disagree, but there is a big difference between Gardiner and Rielly: Gardiner is 25, Rielly 21. That’s a huge age gap, and with the presumed Championship-calibre core being made up of players currently in the AHL and CHL, the question has to be at least asked: does Gardiner fit into the long-term plans? How old will he be when the Leafs are truly competitive?

Once you start asking those questions, inevitably the next questions become: should we trade him now? What could we get for him? 

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Leo Komarov Suspended for Three Games

Jon Steitzer
February 19 2016 01:38PM

It seemed inevitable as soon as the hit occurred that we would be seeing a suspension for Leo Komarov, and now we know the length. Komarov will sit for three games putting him back in the lineup next Saturday against Montreal.

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LFR9 - Game 56 - Steps - Tor 2, NYR 4

Steve Dangle
February 19 2016 01:21PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.04.46 PM

How do you score with an empty net, give up the lead again, and allow an empty-netter in 2:10?

The Leafs, that's how.

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How Much Should the Leafs Pay for PK Subban?

Tom Hunter
February 19 2016 08:47AM


Yesterday I was fooling around on Twitter and started daydreaming about what would happen if the Montreal Canadiens were actually dumb enough to shop PK Subban. I was just messing with people talking about a Mitch Marner-plus deal for Subban offer knowing full well there's no way Marc Bergevin would ever consider moving the 26-year old Subban who is arguably one of the best three or four defensemen in the world. That is until something popped up on my Twitter timeline this morning:

You might think us writing an article about trading for Subban is extremely stupid, but the Canadiens actually called around to see what they could get for him... So who's really stupid here?

Now maybe this is nothing and Subban's name might have been brought up just as a hypothetical when Bergevin called Pittsburgh about Sidney Crosby, but if Subban is truly on the trade market, he is the guy the Maple Leafs have to be all-in for. 

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The TLN Weekly Report Card: Feb. 19, 2016

Justin Fisher
February 19 2016 06:46AM


Sharpen your pencils you beauties. It's report card time again at TLN, and we've got some massive judgement to pass down. Get clicking.

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