Lightning will buy out Vincent Lecavalier

Ryan Fancey
June 27 2013 07:28AM

I won't lie, this one sort of surprised me. We've been hearing Lecavalier's name come up in the buy-out talks over the past few days, but I really didn't think the Lightning would actually do it this summer.

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Penguins reporter tags "#Leafs" teasing Kris Letang news

Cam Charron
June 26 2013 07:49PM


Kris Letang, as we all know, is a primarily offensive RIGHT shooting defenceman that plays big minutes in a non-shutdown role.

There's an update at midnight Eastern, and with TLN HQ being based on the West Coast, we'll have plenty of time to update with serious news.

So check back... then I guess. We'll see if we're close to Defcon Letang.

UPDATE: Rob Rossi was just on TSN 1050...

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Jonathan Bernier's RFA comparables

Cam Charron
June 25 2013 12:40PM

*clicks on Jonathan Bernier's Capgeek page*

"Oh, this is his THIRD contract?"

</spit take>

Generally, it's tough to find goaltenders to sign an RFA deal going into a year they're projected to be a starting goaltender. This is the situation that Jonathan Bernier and the Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves in.

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Leafs looking at former Stars coach Gulutzan to coach Marlies?

Cam Charron
June 25 2013 09:50AM

With Dallas Eakins leaving the Toronto Marlies to join the Edmonton Oilers, it's created a vacancy in the Leafs' organization and so far, few details have emerged on how the team plans to fill it.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Affiliates tend to take a while to name head coaches. Eakins, for instance, wasn't named head coach of the Marlies until August 4 2009. Since the roster ends up being—in a perfect world—an extension of the NHL roster, you don't need to know who the coach is headed into the offseason.

A Toronto Star journalist (in keeping with editorial policy at the Nations, we will link to his story) who is generally plugged into the Leafs organization has a theory on who the new coach of the Marlies will be.

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Dave Morrison's draft tendencies

Justin Fisher
June 25 2013 08:51AM

With the 2013 NHL Entry Draft less than a week away, we're going to take a few minutes to profile not one of the draft eligible players, but the man who's running the show for the Leafs - Dave Morrison.

An old hand from the John Ferguson Jr. era, Morrison was promoted to Director of Amateur Scouting in 2006. 

In 2013, it's fair to say that Morrison's first few shots at the draft were successful, despite lacking a number of early round picks. How successful? Read on... 

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