Here we go again: Stamkos liking tweets about himself and the Leafs

Jeff Veillette
December 09 2015 10:32AM


Just when you thought StamkosWatch 2K16 couldn't get any sillier, things are right back to where they started over a year ago. A quick look at Stamkos' Twitter profile shows that, once again, the only item in his likes is a post speculating whether or not he'll head to Toronto or not.

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Yes, the Leafs do need Stamkos

Ryan Fancey
December 09 2015 08:19AM

As we get close to turning over a new year, it's again time to check in on how the whole Stamkos situation is shaking out in Tampa.  In short, it now looks like we're starting to get near "I can't believe this still isn't done" territory, and with 83 days until the trade deadline, you can only assume this thing is going to get magnified at a new level in the coming weeks. 

But while the chances of Stamkos' departure seem to be increasing, it's bringing with it the debate among Leafs fans about whether cracking the vault for him is actually the best idea. 

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Why Dave Poulin is wrong about Nazem Kadri

Jeff Veillette
December 09 2015 05:47AM

When Dave Poulin was fired from his role as Leafs assistant General Manager in July of 2014, many thought that it would be the last time we'd hear him say silly things about the team. After all, this was a man who considered pointed to the standings as his retort to any questioning of the team in his final year (until, they, of course, fell off a cliff and took his employment status with him).

Enter Dave Poulin, Broadcast Television Analyst. 

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Dec 8, 2015 - Make-up

Steve Dangle
December 08 2015 10:33PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.29.06 AM

On this episode, the guys talk about Marchand vs. Prust, the Blues' dilemma, the death of the compensatory pick, and Adam's rant on make-up.

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Garret Sparks Returning to Marlies, Bernier Back to Leafs

Cat Silverman
December 08 2015 09:16PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have seven days to go before they next take the ice in a game.. and apparently, the club will be pretty busy moving players up and down in that time. 

The Leafs, according to TSN's Jonas Siegel, will be bringing Jonathan "Nelson Mandela" Bernier back up from the AHL's Toronto Marlies next week for the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

James Reimer, in addition, is expected to be ready to play; that means that the Leafs will no longer be carrying a goaltending tandem made up of their two AHL prospects heading into their game on the 15th. 

Translation? Garret Sparks is headed back to the Toronto Marlies. 

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