The Leafs are getting everyone, and then they're getting John Tavares too

Ryan Fancey
February 14 2016 09:21AM

Since 2014 when the Leafs decided to get smart and not be stupid anymore, the list of players who will supposedly be migrating north to get in on this major rebuild seems to be growing by the day.

The organization's turn in the right direction started with the Shanahan hire and his two quick additions of Dubas and Hunter. And now with Lou and Babcock brought aboard as well, their sites seem to finally be locked in on winning...eventually.

The spin-off of this overhaul has apparently now turned Toronto into some sort of Miami Heat-like players' paradise where everyone comes home to the center of the hockey universe to win championships. It's about damn time, I say.

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LFR9 - Game 54 - Leipsaber - Tor 5, Van 2

Steve Dangle
February 14 2016 12:40AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 1.17.07 AM

Hope: It's the worst, it's the best, and it's why I watch the Maple Leafs.

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Leafs Postgame: Toronto... Wins?

Justin Fisher
February 13 2016 08:16PM

Tonight was 'Retro Night' in Vancouver. The Canucks celebrated by wearing their absolutely gorgeous black 'flying skate' jerseys from the early 90's while the Leafs celebrated by playing like a Toronto hockey team from the early 90's. That is to say, the Leafs didn't look totally embarrassing tonight, despite dressing what appears to be an AHL team. Toronto takes it, 5-2. 

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Elliotte Friedman: Leafs to Host Outdoor Game on New Year's Day 2017, Red Wings likely opponent

Adam Laskaris
February 13 2016 07:31PM

It sounds like Toronto's going to be a busy place in the holiday season of 2016-17. While hosting the Canadian group of the 2017 World Juniors in the round robin, another piece of news dropped today about the Leafs organization's second-ever outdoor game, and first at home. 

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Maple Leafs call up Brendan Leipsic, Jeremy Morin

Jeff Veillette
February 13 2016 04:42PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Maple Leafs, who currently consist of an active roster that reaches about halfway to the salary cap floor, have called up two forwards to help them be capable of playing tonight's game. Those two forwards? None other than Brendan Leipsic and Jeremy Morin.

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