Leafs add Troy Bodie, Don Luce as pro scouts

Jeff Veillette
September 20 2015 12:51PM

As training camps get underway across the National Hockey League, you begin to see some familiar faces wearing different uniforms. Sometimes, it's a different logo, but in other cases, it's a jacket rather than a jersey. We've seen a mix of both today, as it's come out that Troy Bodie and Don Luce have joined the Leafs front office as professional scouts.

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Bobby Cappuccino
September 20 2015 08:01AM

With the additions of Matt Hunwick and Martin Marincin, Toronto’s top 6 on the back end seemed to be set in stone for most people. They seemed to round out a d core that already included Phaneuf, Rielly, Gardiner, and Polak.

Only one problem: there’s no leadership in that lineup. Coincidentally, there’s no Stephane Robidas in that lineup. Hmm. Curious. 

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TLN Player Profiles: D Matt Hunwick

Shawn Reis
September 19 2015 09:01AM

Matt Hunwick might just be the player that people have talked about the least when it comes to the new players that the Leafs acquired this off-season.  There's good reason for that - he's been a bottom-pairing defenseman for his entire NHL career, and that's probably what he figures to be for the next two seasons in Toronto.  That doesn't mean he can't be a valuable player though, and it doesn't mean he can't exceed expectations either.  Hunwick has excellent underlying numbers (as you'll see past the jump), and he might be even more effective for this team than some people are expecting.  So if you're really, really passionate about the team, keep reading, and I'll tell you all about the life and times of this new Leafs blueliner.

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TLN Roundtable: Wherefore Art Thou, Offence?

Justin Fisher
September 18 2015 05:30PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost their best offensive weapon, and what remains isn't exactly the most talented group of goalscorers. Where will the offence come from this year? We asked our Roundtable to give us their predictions...

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Bobby Cappuccino
September 18 2015 08:00AM

With all of the depth players the Leafs have either already signed, or plan to now that they have roster spots available, it's easy to forget about Nick Spaling.

"Where did he come from?" you're probably asking. To that I say "the Kessel trade". 

You likely respond with "didn't we just get Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, and some picks?" I say "yes, but also Nick Spaling." 

You say, "I only care about prospects?" I say "well here is a feature on him anyways". 

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