Expectations for Marincin's Next Contract

Jon Steitzer
June 29 2015 01:07PM

I’m not one for sitting around and watching the second day of the draft, since it’s A) often difficult to follow and B) typically falls on a beautiful Saturday in late June, so I am admittedly late to weigh in on anything draft related. Amongst the numerous picks that now give the illusion of the Leafs having a stocked cupboard of prospects, was a beautiful trade where Toronto picked up a 6’4, 23 year old puck moving defenseman for a half eaten Power Bar and a stick of juicy fruit (actually Brad Ross and a 4th round pick, but the value is similar). Marincin comes to Toronto as a RFA, so along with Bernier, Kadri, and Panik, he’ll be one of the few internal contracts the Leafs will need to immediately deal with. And as The Leafs Nation’s resident Edmonton expert, I’m going to attempt to assess what that cost might be.

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Buyout Market: Should the Toronto Maple Leafs pursue Cody Hodgson or Viktor Stalberg?

Cat Silverman
June 29 2015 12:10PM

Teams have until noon EST on Tuesday, June 30th to initiate the buyout process for any players they plan to pay not to play - meaning that teams have one more day to place any buyout candidates on unconditional waivers. 

Neither the Nashville Predators nor the Buffalo Sabres waited for tomorrow. 

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The dream of trading Bozak lives on

Ryan Fancey
June 29 2015 09:54AM

A section of Leafs fans have been in a little bit of panic over the last couple days because the team hasn't put a lot of its dead weight on planes out of town yet. Most notably, Tyler Bozak still hasn't been moved, and according to Friedman yesterday, there's a decent chance he could stick around.

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3 off-the-board targets for the Leafs in free agency

Ryan Fancey
June 29 2015 08:38AM

"We’ll be active, but we might have a different set of targets than other teams” Brendan Shanahan said over the weekend, when asked about the Leafs' approach to free agency this week. So, who might those targets be? We obviously have no idea yet, but there are some interesting ones out there, especially now.

You've heard of all these players, so they're certainly not "off-the-board" in the typical sense, but with the market opening on Wednesday, we're not dipping into the longstanding lists of unrestricted free agents from any cap site. These guys have only just joined the conversation as potential options for next season, and they should come cheap to any teams looking to pursue them.

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Will You Play Hockey For Food?

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2015 07:00AM


The summer has quietly arrived. The weather is nice, people are looking for things to do, and unfortunately, watching hockey isn't one of their options. We've got lots of offseason stuff to talk about, but no games to watch. Of course, that's a first world problem; there are much more unfortunate things out there - such as the thousands of Canadian families who aren't able to afford to eat, especially in the months after holiday donations dry up.

Enter Five Hole For Food; an organization that aims to solve the latter via a solution for the former.

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