The Steve Dangle Podcast - Feb 18, 2016 -Therrien Forever

Steve Dangle
February 18 2016 10:57PM

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On this episode, the guys laugh at Andrew Berkshire because the Canadiens are bad, talk about the Flint gong show, and the under-reported awesomeness of Frankie Corrado.

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Leafs Postgame: Pump Fake

Jeff Veillette
February 18 2016 10:41PM

It all seemed magical as the seconds ticked away. Tank be damned, you want the Toronto Maple Leafs to play their hearts out, and occasionally get rewarded for it. Tonight, it looked like they would, and that they were deserving of the pity points. The tank gods had a different opinion, though, as they brought they brought the game to a nuclear end and created a 4-2 loss to the New York Rangers.

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LGD: Ranger Danger

Jon Steitzer
February 18 2016 01:43PM

The Leafs haven't been winning too many hockey games of late, and that's pretty swell. They keep going at this pace and one of Matthews, Laine, Puljujarvi, or Chychrun will be a Leaf on draft day and that's a beautiful thing. 

The Rangers are a team that can help us reach that goal. They're generally good, they're definitely better than the Leafs in every way, and they still need to jockey for position in their division, so they still have some incentive to try. The biggest motivation for the Leafs should be to showcase themselves well prior to the trade deadline which is now 11 days away.

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Global News Profiles OilersNation

Nation World HQ
February 18 2016 11:01AM

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the walls at Nation HQ? No? Too bad. Last night, Global News profiled and gave the world a glimpse at how things work, and how the Nation Network came to be. Enjoy.

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Top Five Trade Destinations for Joffrey Lupul

Shawn Reis
February 18 2016 11:00AM

Joffrey Lupul...probably isn't getting traded.  He's 33-years-old, he's played just 329 of a possible 513 games over the last 7 seasons, has just 35 points in his last 101 games, and he carries a $5.250M cap hit through 2017-2018.  But how does that old saying go?  If David Clarkson can get traded, anybody can get traded.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five teams that might be a fit for Lupul ahead of this month's trade deadline:

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