In final week, chance to sit Fraser; play Kostka

Cam Charron
April 24 2013 03:42AM

A few interesting notes from this week so far. The Toronto Maple Leafs are on the road in Florida, for a back-to-back against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight and Florida on Thursday. It's a fun wind-down for the rest of the year, and the Leafs get a relatively easy back-to-back against two weak opponents and then get to play a team they've dominated this season. Given how much has fallen right for the Leafs this season, it's not unreasonable that the team could actually contend for the Northeast Division title.

Boston just needs three more points in their three games to clinch, but going 1-2-0 against Tampa Bay, Washington and Ottawa isn't necessarily unquestionable. Stranger things have happened and Boston is currently in one of those slumps where even though there's a lot to like about them, they're trying out too many quick fixes to somehow be ready for the playoffs. That said, it's unlikely, and given the injuries the team has seen this season and last the main thing is to get to the playoffs healthy.

I'm generally a fan of patience. I don't think decisions should be made hastily, and favour an approach where management works tightly with the coaching staff to balance rewarding good play and good production with having an honest eye for what's really going on the ice. Something's been bugging me.

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Can the Leafs win in the playoffs?

Ryan Fancey
April 23 2013 07:30AM

After about one third of this season was in the books, I wrote here that while the bounces had clearly gone Toronto's way to start the season, it was tough to say if there would be enough time for them to fall way down the standings. Mainly, the goaltending looked strong and I figured if it could stay that way then the Leafs would drop a bit and still be floating around eighth down the stretch. A steal here, a steal there, and they could get in.

Well, what happened was a bit different. Apart from a little skid in March, the Leafs ripped off a ton of wins and have managed to lock up a playoff spot with a full week left to play.

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Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week - April 22nd

Cam Charron
April 22 2013 03:24AM

Scattered thoughts that I could expand on later this week... we talk Joffrey Lupul, more Corsi crap, James Reimer and the Vezina Trophy, a Leafs defenceman who belongs in the lineup, and Garret Sparks' highlight from Sunday's game.

No. 1 - Joffrey Lupul keeps going

The above image is a screen cap of Joffrey Lupul after he scored the clinching goal against Ottawa. It put Toronto up 4-1 and gave them a playoff berth.

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Did the Leafs' emphasis on fighting help them make the playoffs?

Cam Charron
April 21 2013 04:34PM

I'm hearing it everywhere this season, well, mostly on Coach's Corner and on the comment section of my website. "The Leafs are winning because they're tougher and fighting more."

In fact, the New York Rangers lost their fighter Brandon Prust in the offseason. They've gone from 1st in the league in fighting majors to 24th (through Saturday, according to and have gone from Presidents' Trophy contenders to bubble team.

Prust went from New York to Montreal in the offseason. Montreal went from 22nd in fighting majors last season to seventh, and have since gone from a lottery team to a team competing for the title in the tough Northeast Division with the likes of the Boston Bruins! The other team in that division, Toronto, lead the league in fights and are going to make the playoffs for the first time in nine years!

Clearly, fighting means something right?

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LFR6 - Game 45 - !!!!!!PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!

Steve Dangle
April 21 2013 02:27PM


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