Frank Corrado is doing everything he should to work his way into the Leafs' future

Adam Laskaris
February 16 2016 12:43PM

The above tweet currently sits pinned at the top of Frank Corrado's twitter profile. It was posted the same day the Vancouver Canucks placed the defenceman on waivers. 

Corrado’s move to the Leafs over the next 24 hours wasn't really an overly notable one in the grand scheme of things in the NHL. A 2011 5th round pick claimed off waivers from Vancouver, it was perhaps surprising why Vancouver waived him in the first place, but still far from a blockbuster move. Floating between the Marlies and Leafs lineups as well as frequent nights in the Air Canada Centre press box as a healthy scratch, Corrado sat in limbo for the early part of his Leafs' career. 

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LFR9 - Game 55 - DanglePie III - Tor 2, Chi 7

Steve Dangle
February 16 2016 11:41AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.23.10 PM

DannnnglePiiiie!!! ...This team is ruining my life.

*No video bloggers were harmed in the making of this video.

**Actually that's not true. I accidentally slammed my finger in the sliding door while letting the dog back in.

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Top Five Trade Destinations for Nazem Kadri

Bobby Cappuccino
February 16 2016 07:35AM

What a year it’s been for Nazem Kadri; The missed practice; the “reading between the lines” of Brendan Shanahan’s statement afterwards; the presumably long-term commitment the Leafs were at one point willing to make turning into a one-year contract extension.

But then Mike Babcock came along. And Lou Lamoriello. And the remaking of Nazem Kadri. Despite Kadri's shooting percentage struggles and not putting up the points he is capable of, management has made sure Kadri's tires have been pumped every time they’ve had a chance to do so.

The only thing about those pumped tires? Management did the same thing with Dion Phaneuf - and we know how that turned out. And with Kadri in his prime, management have to ask themselves - is this a guy that is part of the future? He’ll be 27, 28, 29 when this team is a contender. That question is important because if you move him now, you’d likely be getting some good value because of that tire pumping we talked about earlier.

Let’s look at what they could get for Naz if they decide to move him.

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James Reimer's performance is dipping, along with his contract expectations

Ryan Fancey
February 16 2016 07:23AM

The last few weeks have been great for the Leafs' tanking effort, sinking them to dead last in the league and heavily increasing their chances of drafting one of the 'big three' in June. And if they look to hold on to their current starting goaltender for the next couple years, this slide, which will likely continue, might make things easier on their wallets as well.

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TLN Postgame: C7-2cago

Adam Laskaris
February 15 2016 09:28PM

Chicago scored 7 and the Leafs scored 2. In a stinky season, you're going to have a few stinkers. And this one smelled baaaaaaaad. The result or even the scoreline wasn't surprising per se, but the path was a little wonky.

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