Leafs Postgame - Kadri's Baaaccckkk

Steven Tzemis
January 18 2014 08:25PM

I just want to say that I was very, very disappointed Bob Cole didn't call this game. I figured since it's the Canadiens, I'd finally get to hear Cole call a Leafs game again, but instead I had to hear Jim "GREAT SAAAAVE" Hughson. We did, however, get to see the Leafs wear their Winter Classic jerseys again which was fun because they're awesome. Right after they won the game, Carlyle said, "Burning the other jerseys boys!!!! Unbeaten with these digs!" Not really, but they're 2-0 with these beauties, so let's pretend Carlyle said that anyway.

Chris Hadfield also sang "Oh Canada". Who doesn't love our Canadian astronaut? REPRESENT.

So basically what I'm saying is there were lots of good things and one bad thing about this game aside from the actual game itself.

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LGD - Game 50: Canadiens @ Leafs - The Cincuenta

Cam Charron
January 18 2014 11:51AM


I always like to give these previews a bit of storyline or context heading in, but it's difficult to do with Montreal. Our friends over at Eyes on the Prize have convinced themselves that Montreal's record is not indicative of their play and that they're simply lucky to be winning games lately. That certainly was the case Thursday against the Ottawa Senators—they team won 5-4 in overtime despite being out Corsi'd 64-38. Carey Price allowed four goals and was named the game's second star. 

"[All] but four players have recorded a negative even strength Corsi" wrote Andrew Berkshire in that EOTP post. "The only player on the Habs roster who is better this season than last season is Andrei Markov. Every other player, bar none, is significantly worse. What's the simplest explanation for that kind of phenomenon? Coaching."

The Habs have been struggling on the shot clock since November 1. They've struggled to score goals as well, and their .929 even strength save percentage seems to be what's keeping them in games.

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Nazem Kadri trade rumours just won't bloody die

Cam Charron
January 17 2014 04:05PM

Dave Nonis was on the radio talking about Nazem Kadri? Let me guess… did he say that Kadri is an important core piece of the Maple Leafs? That fans shouldn't be too upset at his lack of production because the team took into consideration his unsustainable percentages a year ago? That Kadri's play away from the puck has improved from 2013 to 2013-14?

Of course he didn't. What Nonis said, per @Hope_Smoke via Sean Gentille at the Sporting News was "we'd be willing to trade Kadri."

Gee, and Nonis might wonder why the blogosphere acts as if he were dumber than a sack of hammers, if he knew what a blogosphere was (or if he knew how to turn a computer on).

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David Clarkson on IR, world ends

Steve Dangle
January 17 2014 10:39AM


The Leafs have placed both David Clarkson and Frazer McLaren on injured reserve.

No water bottle is safe.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - January 16, 2013 - Let's Break Some Wind!

Steve Dangle
January 16 2014 09:38PM


On this episode, the guys talk about the Oilers' and Canucks' woes, Leafs trade rumours, and hilarious heckles.

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