Petter Granberg Claimed on Waivers by Nashville

Justin Fisher
November 22 2015 10:49AM

Did you forget that Petter Granberg was actually on the Toronto Maple Leafs roster? Yeah, so did a lot of people.

Granberg has been out with an Achilles injury since the offseason and hasn't appeared in any games for the Leafs or Marlies yet this season. And as the 6'3, 201lb defender was technically a Leaf to begin the season, he needed to clear waivers in order to suit up for the Marlies.

Well, that didn't happen. A claim was made and the Leafs have lost Granberg to the Nashville Predators.

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REPLAY: Soshnikov breaks stick, recovers puck with feet

Jeff Veillette
November 22 2015 09:45AM


When Nikita Soshnikov gets the puck, good luck taking it away from him. We've said this a few times already this year, and we won't stop saying it until he stops doing it. Last night, he dazzled us yet again, this time not even needing his stick to do it.

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LFR9 - Game 21 - Back To Earth - Tor 0, Bos 2

Steve Dangle
November 22 2015 08:47AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.09.51 AM

The "James Reimer vs. the World" strategy only works so many times as the Leafs lose 2-0 in the land of nightmares and broken dreams.

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Leafs Postgame: Reimer Stands On Head, Everyone Else Just Stands Around

Justin Fisher
November 21 2015 09:33PM


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

When James Reimer arrived on the scene in 2010, former Leafs head coach Ron Wilson joked that Toronto fans were too eager to build a statue of Reimer outside the Air Canada Centre. Well, jokes on you Ron. You were fired years ago, and James is still here stopping pucks like a legend. 

I mean, he's not winning, but that's not the point...

Despite Reimer, the Boston Bruins came out ahead tonight with a 2-0 win over the Leafs. Here's your recap.

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Report: Maple Leafs hoping to host outdoor game in January 2017

Thomas Drance
November 21 2015 08:49PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs will celebrate their centennial season in 2017-18, although they didn't adopt the Maple Leafs nickname until 1927. 

As one of the NHL's oldest and most storied franchises, it'll come as no surprise that the NHL itself will similarly be celebrating its centennial season that year. And you know what that means: gimmicks, gimmicks and more gimmicks.

The NHL's grandest gimmick of all is the outdoor game. The Maple Leafs were able to play in one a few years ago - who will ever forget Randy Carlyle's famous battle with a toaster oven - but Toronto has never hosted a game, despite the metropolis' status as the unquestioned centre of the hockey universe. It seems that may change in the near future, although the Maple Leafs aren't the only team hoping to host an outdoor game in 2017.

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