Toronto connections run deep with Jamaican National Ice Hockey Team

Adam Laskaris
January 27 2016 07:12AM

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(Photo via Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Foundation Facebook)

Graeme Townshend's path to the NHL was unlike any other before him. Born in Jamaica, he became the first player in the league from the island better known in the athletic world for their bobsled and track and field efforts. 

Today, he's working hard to achieve a dream for many youth players once seemed impossible. As the head coach of Team Jamaica's ice hockey team, Townshend is among the leaders of a developmental movement looking to eventually ice an internationally-competitive team at the IIHF level. A long journey, perhaps, but one that's making important progressive steps right in Toronto.

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Justin Fisher
January 26 2016 10:01PM


In honour of the Toronto Maple Leafs finding their way to the bottom of the NHL standings, we are very proud to announce a rebranding of The Leafs Nation and officially endorsing the tank. You can now visit us at No, seriously. It works.

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Leafs Postgame: Started From The Bottom (Now We There Again)

Jeff Veillette
January 26 2016 09:56PM

You knew it was coming. No matter how many pucks James Reimer stopped, no matter how much better Mike Babcock was at executing a system than his predecessors, and no matter how nifty Nazem Kadri's mittens were, the Leafs simply didn't have the talent to make a serious run.

Or half of a run. Or a spot away from the bottom of the division. Or a spot away from the bottom of the conference.

Or the bottom of the league. In front of the collective fatherhood of the roster, the Leafs suffered a blowout loss to the Florida Panthers, which, with the help of a few other games, moved the team into a tie for the bottom seed.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Jan 26, 2016 - Bite Your Tongue

Steve Dangle
January 26 2016 08:32PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.26.45 PM

On this episode, the guys talk about the mess in Montreal, Aleksander Barkov, Hockey Night in Cinema, and Steve bites his tongue (literally).

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LGD: Heading South

Tom Hunter
January 26 2016 12:30PM

As the Maple Leafs head south for their annual winter snowbird tour, we get to see a Florida Panthers team that sits at the top of the standings and may look pretty similar to what fans in Toronto hope the Leafs will resemble in a few years. Barkov as the young stud center every team wants (Nylander), Huberdeau as the ultra-talented winger that does things with the puck that most can't (Marner), Bjugstad as the undervalued secondary center (Kadri), Brian Campbell as the useful but overpaid veteran defender (Phaneuf) and Jagr as the grizzled old veteran (a 46-year-old Jaromir Jagr playing on a competitive Leafs team a few years from now would be wonderful wouldn't it?). Now all we need is a 19-year old franchise defenceman and an all-world goalie. Those are the easy pieces, right? 

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