The NHLE Calculator

Christian Roatis
January 27 2016 02:00PM

Convenience is everything nowadays.  

We want everything to be as centralized as possible – with apps, news, etc all in one place – and everything done for us to the largest possible extent. To that end, I’ve taken the initiative to simplify and centralize the very common calculation of a hockey player’s NHLE, by creating a calculator for it. To my knowledge, it’s the first of its kind that is publicly available (this determined by one Google search and quick scan of the results), but I could be wrong.

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LGD: Leafs Visit Stamkos In Non-Hockey Market

Jon Steitzer
January 27 2016 12:18PM


The Leafs once again have the opportunity to check in on their future star Steven Stamkos. It's kind of hard with tampering rules and all that, but it's a good chance to see that he's okay and that he's still comfortable with playing in an inferior market in the most backwards state in the union. 

Hopefully, he's focusing on the joy of playing for Mike Babcock, daydreaming about the quality of life he'd be able to have when all of his Toronto-based endorsements come to fruition, and acknowledging the joy he'd feel lifting the Stanley Cup over his head for fans who actually know what the Stanley Cup is.

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CHL Top Prospect Game Preview: Team Cherry

Jon Steitzer
January 27 2016 10:29AM

Tonight marks the last night of NHL play before the All-Star break, no NHL games will be scheduled tomorrow night, and the professional ice hockey you’ll get this weekend will be 3 on 3’s featuring players who were unsuccessful at faking injuries this week to get out of going.

You’re in luck if you want to watch worthwhile hockey, though. Thursday is the CHL Top Prospect game, and unlike the NHL All-Star Game, this showcase actually sees players compete at their highest level, is fast paced, and potentially there are more Leafs in this one (we just don’t know who they are yet).

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Toronto connections run deep with Jamaican National Ice Hockey Team

Adam Laskaris
January 27 2016 07:12AM

10648455_582757148541806_6668843533880042301_o (1)

(Photo via Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Foundation Facebook)

Graeme Townshend's path to the NHL was unlike any other before him. Born in Jamaica, he became the first player in the league from the island better known in the athletic world for their bobsled and track and field efforts. 

Today, he's working hard to achieve a dream for many youth players once seemed impossible. As the head coach of Team Jamaica's ice hockey team, Townshend is among the leaders of a developmental movement looking to eventually ice an internationally-competitive team at the IIHF level. A long journey, perhaps, but one that's making important progressive steps right in Toronto.

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Justin Fisher
January 26 2016 10:01PM


In honour of the Toronto Maple Leafs finding their way to the bottom of the NHL standings, we are very proud to announce a rebranding of The Leafs Nation and officially endorsing the tank. You can now visit us at No, seriously. It works.

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