Leafs Postgame: It was 3-1

Jeff Veillette
February 02 2016 11:41PM

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY SPORTS

Lost in all of the re-branding hullabaloo was the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs played a hockey game less than an hour before. To be fair, there was a large stretch of this game where one shouldn't have cared in the slightest. Heck, if you're all-in on The Tank Nation, the end result was probably not one that made you stats-happy.

But there's something about beating the Bruins that makes you happy. Tonight, the Leafs did so in dramatic fashion, coming back to win 4-3 in overtime.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Feb 2, 2016 - #DangleNavy

Steve Dangle
February 02 2016 10:57PM


On this episode, the guys talk about a whole mess of things. Hockey gets in there eventually. McDavid and John Scott, I think.

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This is the Toronto Maple Leafs' New Logo (and the Marlies' new logo, too)

Justin Fisher
February 02 2016 08:11PM


Photo: www.mapleleafs.com

There it is, and it looks damn good. We've been following the 'New Maple Leafs Logo' beat for a week now, discussing early rumours and concepts as well as looking at all Leafs logos past and present (and ranking them). Now we finally get to see it.

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Dreger: "There Is Interest . . . In Roman Polak"

Shawn Reis
February 02 2016 06:22PM

Trade chatter has been pretty quiet on the Leafs front this season.  But with the trade deadline now just a shade under four weeks away, we're getting to that point in the season where the rumors are going to start coming in fast and furious.

While people might like to imagine scenarios that see the Leafs massively overhaul the shape of their roster - think trades involving the likes of Dion Phaneuf, Tyler Bozak, or Leo Komarov - such moves may be unlikely.  After all, it's difficult to move players with term on their contracts mid-season.  Likewise, you need somebody on your team to finish out the season, and given some of the smaller pieces that the Leafs may have an easier time moving, the focus should probably shift to the veterans on expiring deals.

That notion was echoed by Darren Dreger tonight in TSN's latest segment of Insider Trading.  On the Leafs, and in particular reference to Roman Polak (who TSN has 7th on their ambiguous "trade bait" board), Dreger had this to say:

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Top Five Trade Destinations For Tyler Bozak

Jon Steitzer
February 02 2016 01:54PM

It’s taken me well into my thirties for me to realize it’s possible that the Leafs can look at Tyler Bozak as an asset around the trade deadline. Reality has set in for me now that Bozak has demonstrated some offensive production away from Phil Kessel and he presently is on pace for his first 50 point season.

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