The Steve Dangle Podcast - Nov 17, 2015 - You See This Watch?

Steve Dangle
November 17 2015 09:54PM

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On this episode, the guys talk about Lou Lamoriello's weird rules, Jarome Iginla, the sports media business, and more.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: The Resurgence of Tyler Bozak

Cat Silverman
November 17 2015 08:22PM

Cry your heart out, Patrick Roy. 

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LGD: Avalanche Warning In Effect

Justin Fisher
November 17 2015 02:43PM

Would you trade Jake Gardiner for Matt Duchene? I ask because Duchene's name has popped up in the headlines several times over the past week or so as a potential big-name trade chip. Seeing that the Toronto Maple Leafs are rebuilding, they would seem like the kind of club looking to bring in as much young talent as possible. More than a few people have drawn that connection.

You have to think that Gardiner would be the most likely candidate to go the other way in any transaction surrounding Duchene, as Colorado is known to be seeking blueline help (preferably young and with term), but what concerns me the most is the additional assets it would require to close the deal. Gardiner alone won't do it, so how far are you willing to go? Rumour has it that TLN's Ryan Fancey will be discussing this more in-depth tomorrow, so be sure to stop by again.

Regardless of what side you sit on, pro-Duchene or anti-Duchene, it'll certainly be interesting to watch him tonight. It's a fun coincidence that he's in Toronto shortly after these rumours have begun to circulate, and it's a sad coincidence that he'll probably blow by Gardiner a few times tonight and bury two or three goals. Because, you know... Toronto Sports.

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Jonathan Bernier Was Just Joking, Thank God

Cat Silverman
November 17 2015 11:12AM


This morning, we brought up that the Leafs may be looking at Malcolm Subban of the Boston Bruins reasonable, since the Leafs have seen exactly zero wins from early year starter Jonathan Bernier over the course of the Fall 2015 campaign.

Bernier ended up getting mildly injured and sat out a few games, though, during which time backup James Reimer has improved his record on the year to 5-2-1. He has a .925 raw save percentage, was the league's third start of the week last week, and looks miles above his now-number two, Bernier. 

Is Bernier handling it well? 


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Malcolm Subban and the Pros of Bringing in Goalie Talent

Cat Silverman
November 17 2015 07:53AM

The Leafs' goaltending situation for roughly the last half decade - bordering on a little longer than that - has been nothing short of a comedy of errors. 

It may have started with Andrew Raycroft. It may have started with Jonas Gustavsson or Vesa Toskala; at this point, it almost doesn't even matter. The bottom line, where it stands now, is that the Toronto Maple Leafs can't get a win out of Jonathan Bernier to save their lives and James Reimer is a pending unrestricted free agent. 

That leaves the team right where they've been for the last few years - failing to put up successful numbers in net while also icing an impressive product. As a result, the rumors are starting to fly - and Malcolm Subban, the former first round draft selection for the Boston Bruins, is the name that's been brought up more often than not. 

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