LFR9 - Game 48 - Pain - Tor 0, TB 1

Steve Dangle
January 28 2016 07:57AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.10.39 AM

They said there'd be pain.

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CHL Top Prospect Game Preview: Team Orr

Tom Hunter
January 28 2016 07:44AM

As Jon Steitzer mentioned in his preview of Team Cherry yesterday, the NHL has been shut down for the next few days over All-Star Weekend. Lucky for us in Tank Nation, we get the CHL Top Prospects game to hold us over. With the Leafs at the bottom of the standings, this game will be incredibly relevant as Mark Hunter et al look to make use of their potentially record number of draft picks this coming June.

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Leafs Postgame: Double Agent

Jeff Veillette
January 27 2016 08:24PM

Manipulated Photo. Original Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY SPORTS

You just knew that this game was going to end up this way. The TV broadcasts made it all about Steven Stamkos. The fans made it all about Steven Stamkos. The Bolts needed a win, so they were probably looking towards their high-scoring captain. The Leafs, well, they were an accessory to the process.

The end result? The scoresheet was all Stamkos, all the time. Mostly because it was a very short scoresheet, as the Lightning defeated the Leafs by a score of 1-0.

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Marlies Back at 0.800 after School Day Blowout

Jeff Veillette
January 27 2016 02:43PM

Photo Credit: Grand Rapids Griffins / Flickr.com via GriffinsHockey.com

School day games are a love-hate relationship. Yes, you're establishing a young fanbase that could go on to care about the players for their entire careers and the team for their entire lives. Yes, they're more into it than the adults are. But, at the same time, you have to get up early just to hear a bunch of children scream at octaves you forgot existed. It's even worse when you're the away team because you've travelled for the privilege.

That pain is eased when the final buzzer sounds, your team has a considerably large win, and you've still got a full day ahead of you. Such is the case for the Toronto Marlies, who, despite being outshot, skated away with a commanding 4-0 victory over the Grand Rapids Griffins.

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The NHLE Calculator

Christian Roatis
January 27 2016 02:00PM

Convenience is everything nowadays.  

We want everything to be as centralized as possible – with apps, news, etc all in one place – and everything done for us to the largest possible extent. To that end, I’ve taken the initiative to simplify and centralize the very common calculation of a hockey player’s NHLE, by creating a calculator for it. To my knowledge, it’s the first of its kind that is publicly available (this determined by one Google search and quick scan of the results), but I could be wrong.

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