Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Unlikely (Kind of) Hero Jonathan Bernier

Cat Silverman
December 17 2015 08:39PM

In a night with a handful of goaltending injuries, the only one that matters to me is Garret Sparks. I'm writing this through my tears (kidding, kind of), so bear with me if I misspell anything or just start mashing the keys in agony. 

How about that Bernier, though? 

*whispers* pity point, pity point, pity point...

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Garret Sparks leaves game with lower body injury

Jeff Veillette
December 17 2015 06:37PM

Leafs fans have been more than happy to give Garret Sparks as much ice time as he wants until he proves undeserving, and after Jonathan Bernier's less-than-stellar last start, Mike Babcock was more than happy to give him a shot. In a twist of fate that screams "typical Toronto", however, the 22-year-old left tonight's game against the San Jose Sharks with a lower body injury.

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LGD: Maple Syrup In The Water

Justin Fisher
December 17 2015 12:39PM

Tonight, the Columbus Blue Jackets face off against the Arizona Coyotes at the Gila River Arena in Glendale. Savvy readers may have picked up on the fact that this is a Leafs pregame post on a Leafs-centric website and that neither of these teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs. That said, even savvier readers might recognize that the Blue Jackets-Coyotes matchup has big implications on the Blue and White.

See, if Columbus wins (Haha, I know! But stick with me!) and Toronto loses, the Blue Jackets will leapfrog the Leafs in the standings. And you know what that means... 30th overall, baby! Can't get any lower than that! Tank! Tank! Tank!

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Rumour: Flames Could Be Interested In Bernier

Jon Steitzer
December 17 2015 08:29AM

The Jonathan Bernier story this season doesn't appear to be going away. We're over a third of the way through the season and he doesn't have a win. He's been passed on the depth chart by both Reimer and Sparks, he's had an AHL conditioning stint, he's been called out by his coach, and we're at the point where there's significant indifference to placing him on waivers, largely because there's a belief he won't be claimed.

Enter The Calgary Flames. Sportsnet, has speculated the Flames are one of a few teams that believe that Bernier just needs a chance of scenery (for what's worth, I agree). And with Brian Burke and Brad Treliving watching the Leafs play Tampa this week, there may be something to this.

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Bibeau holds on for win, Marlies fight for first overall on Friday

Jeff Veillette
December 16 2015 08:32PM


Antoine Bibeau needed to have himself a great game tonight. Not because the staff was going to put pressure on him, not because the players needed his support, but for his own confidence. Bibeau looked pretty solid in his appearance that slotted in between Jonathan Bernier's shutout streak but really needed a second good showing. Tonight, he got that; at least for the first 58 minutes against the Binghamton Senators.

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