Joffrey Lupul may have signed with a KHL team

Cam Charron
October 30 2012 12:00PM

Remember when the Kontinental Hockey League swore that the only NHLers who would be allowed to seek lockout shelter playing for Russia's top-flight league would be the ones who met an admittedly not-so-stringent criteria?

Again, here's the KHL's own criteria:

- Has played no fewer than 150 games in the NHL over the last three seasons; 
- Has experience of playing in the KHL; 
- Represented his country at one of the last two IIHF World Championships, World Junior Championships or the Olympics; 
- Is a Stanley Cup winner, a Stanley Cup finalist, or a winner of one of the individual prizes awarded by the National Hockey League at the close of the season.

You'll notice that none of these criteria apply to Joffrey Lupul, but rumours have surfaced suggesting that Lupul is off to Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, probably because Lupul told Sportsnet last night of his intention to sign with the club, but nothing official has been announced.

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Tyler Biggs: In General

Gus Katsaros
October 30 2012 08:43AM

Tyler Biggs is in the spotlight early in his Ontario Hockey League career and I wanted to put up a few thoughts on the Leafs first round draft pick.

Drafted outside of the grasp of the agreement restricting players entry directly into the Amercian Hockey League, Leafs 1st round selection in 2011, (22nd overall) Biggs had the option of leaping directly on to the Toronto Marlies. Aside from size, Biggs wasn’t ready for the AHL.

Suiting up for Oshawa of the Ontario Hockey League seemed the logical placement.

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KHL Highlights: Yakupov, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Backstrom, Kane, Hagman all put up points, and much more!

Steve Dangle
October 29 2012 10:08PM


There was an insane amount of KHL hockey today. Like I've been editing for hours and hours. If anyone says there's "no hockey" I'm going to have to punch them with my exhausted and carpal tunnel syndrome-stricken hands.


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Leafs Point Projections: The Rest

Robert Vollman
October 29 2012 04:51PM

It's time for our third and final piece of looking at different statistical ways to project how many points each of the Maple Leafs will score.

If you're just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwards.  We followed that up with a look at the defensemen and finally we'll take a look at the remaining, secondary forwards.

Nikolai Kulemin

How does Nikolai Kulemin drop from 30 goals and 57 points to just 7 goals and 28 points?  While we can't be completely sure, we do know that losing over two minutes of ice-time per game, almost all of it on the power play, taking just 1.5 shots per game instead of 2.1, and scoring on just a terribly unlucky 6.5% of them instead of a lucky 17.3% are all things that certainly wouldn't help.

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Does Tyler Bozak carry some trade value?

Cam Charron
October 29 2012 10:56AM

A real odd thing happened Saturday night.

Vancouver Province beat-writer Jason Botchford was interacting with some Canucks fans on Twitter, appeared to be warming the West Coast fan base to the prospect of Tyler Bozak joining the Canucks:

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