Why the Leafs radio crew shouldn't be stuck at home

Jeff Veillette
September 28 2015 12:42PM

It looks like the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs will be making his calls exclusively from home. According to a report from Toronto Sports Media, Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph will be commentating on Leafs road games from a local studio, rather than travelling with the team.

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Mark Fraser Released From PTO; Signing With Ottawa

Shawn Reis
September 28 2015 10:47AM

In a matter of about 24 hours, the Leafs have done house-cleaning on all four of the players that were attending their training camp as Pro Tryouts.  Early yesterday the Leafs released forwards Curtis Glencross and Devin Setoguchi.  Later on in the day, the team signed Brad Boyes, who was also in camp on a PTO, to a one-year deal worth $700k.  Today the team cleared things up with its last remaining player on a PTO - former Leaf and Marlie Mark Fraser - releasing him from his tryout.

That said, this appears to be largely a technicality, as according to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston the move was made because Fraser found work elsewhere.  In other words, this was more-so Fraser wanting to be released from his PTO with the Leafs so that he could sign elsewhere.  In this sense, the move seems largely mutual, as if the Leafs felt strongly about keeping him they likely would've pushed to sign him to a contract of their own.

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Marlies Announce Training Camp Roster

Jeff Veillette
September 28 2015 09:50AM


The Toronto Marlies begin traning camp today, and with that comes a roster of players, including a blend of both expected and new players. Here's who you'll see in camp over the coming days.

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Mike Babcock Throws Shade At Leafs Fitness Levels

Cat Silverman
September 28 2015 09:29AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs knew that things would be different under highly esteemed bench boss Mike Babcock. After all, he was brought in on the highest salary to ever get paid to an NHL coach - a whopping $6.25 million per season - to try and fix the runaway train that the Leafs have become in the post-Pat Quinn era. 

No one expects Babcock to be nice to the Leafs as he whips them back into shape. He's there to win a Stanley Cup, after all, not make friends and baby the players. 

Well... he's meeting those 'tough love' expectations pretty well. 

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TLN Player Power Rankings: September 28th, 2015

Jon Steitzer
September 28 2015 09:00AM

Sunday wrapped up with some exciting news. The Leafs cut Devin Setoguchi, and Curtis Glencross and returned Mitch Marner to the London Knights. The add to that, Brad Boyes has officially been made a Maple Leaf for the one time lost cost of $700k. The Leafs are now over halfway through their cuts to get down to the 23 man roster they require. 

If all that isn't enough excitement for you, I finally get to take actual played hockey games into consideration when building these power rankings. That's pretty neat.

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