REPORT: Stamkos to Leafs "possible", could involve indirect payment

Jeff Veillette
December 08 2015 12:23PM

We joke a lot about Steven Stamkos signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs on here, but our sarcasm doesn't come without a foundation. The superstar Toronto-area native has less than 200 days remaining on his contract, and not a word has been revealed about him and the Tampa Bay Lightning making progress.

Alas, most of the major media have been too shy to commit themselves to the belief that Toronto is an option, rather than a pipe dream. Nik Kypreos broke character today, suggesting that this may be possible after all, and could even involve some dirty work.

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Vesey Calms Nashville About Leafs Rumours

Jon Steitzer
December 08 2015 09:04AM

Jimmy Vesey's father works for the Leafs as an amateur scout.

Jimmy Vesey's brother Nolan is in the Leafs system.

The Leafs are nowhere near as good a team as the Predators and will have openings for forwards next season.

It doesn't take a Harvard graduate to connect the dots between Jimmy Vesey and the Toronto Maple Leafs, and soon that's what Vesey will be and there's a strong possibility that he'll strongly consider signing in Toronto.

In the meantime, Vesey needs to say the right things to the Nashville press and that's exactly what he did.

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REPORT: Salary Cap could increase to as high as 74.5 million in 2016/17

Jeff Veillette
December 07 2015 09:42PM

The rich are about to get a whole lot richer. Or, better put; they'll be able to spend more of their riches. According to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, the NHL's Salary Cap may increase by three quarters of a Tyler Bozak this offseason.

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Why the Leafs should consider claiming Alexander Semin

Jeff Veillette
December 07 2015 05:53PM

This morning, the Montreal Canadiens made a huge step in ending their experiment with Alexander Semin, by placing him on waivers. The 31-year-old Russian has scored just four points in fifteen games this year, which is his worst rate of production of his entire career to date. With that said, there's an argument to be had that it might be worth it for the Leafs to place a waiver claim on him.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: December 7th

Jeff Veillette
December 07 2015 12:14PM


I had a realization on the way home today. My income is defined by the words that I say in reaction to watching the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks play. They are the only two teams that haven't made it to ten wins yet.

Please buy me hard liquor for Christmas. Also, ignore that this was the same intro paragraph I used on Canucks Army's mailbag.

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