The Maple Leafs are boring and I have analytics to prove it #MyColumn

Bobby Cappuccino
December 03 2015 07:00AM

Most people look back as the Carlylera (that's "Carlyle era" conveniently shortened to make it more efficient) as a negative. "The team played in an unsustainable way", people say. And sure, that's probably true (although we'll never know, as Carlyle's time was unfortunately cut short). But there is something the Carlylera was good for: entertainment. The same can't be said for the Mikera (short for "Mike Babcock era") thus far. 

And this isn't just my opinion. There is data to back it up. 

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Leafs Postgame: Emergency Landing

Jeff Veillette
December 02 2015 09:24PM

Photo Credit: Bruce Fedyk/USA TODAY Sports

After the well-structured, happy go lucky game that the Leafs had against the Edmonton Oilers, some of you may have thought that the good vibes would keep going for more than a few minutes.

Those of you who did are probably new here. This was a game to the fans to forget, and the staff to remember. An absolute trainwreck of an outing from the Leafs, and one that ends in a 6-1 loss.

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The Leafs Nation endorses Stephane Robidas for Atlantic Division All Star Captain

Jeff Veillette
December 02 2015 05:02PM

Photo Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern/USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot of talk about this year's All-Star Game. It's four-team, 3-on-3 format with cash incentives allows for some creativity in an otherwise boring, usually contactless and always half-assed single game. The coaches will pick the bulk of their rosters, but it's up to the fans to pick the Captain of each division. For us, there is no better option than Toronto's Stephane Robidas.

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LGD: True North, False Idol

Jeff Veillette
December 02 2015 02:02PM

Leafs fans take a lot of criticism for putting up with a grotesquely rich ownership group that profits a lot off of their support of the team's failure. Not just amongst those who have lost interest, but from other teams.

But hey, what about Jets fans? Since coming over from Atlanta, who won exactly zero playoff games in their eleven-year history, the Jets have been just as bad, making the post-season once and getting swept; the bright spot of their existence. Say what you will about the Leafs in 2013, but to collapse from 4-1 in Game 7, you have to win three games and be close to winning a fourth.

Yet, have the Jets been near the top of the merchandise rankings since before the team came back, they interrupt O' Canada to profess their love for their ownership group. Every game. Home or away. Even at other levels; I've seen "TRUE NORTH" chants at Marlies games when they'd take on St. John's (pre-team affiliation switcheroo).

If interrupting a moment of National Pride to scream the name of the people you give money to in support of a losing team isn't a "hail corporate" moment, I don't know what is. But hey, Jets fans are going to fill tonight their building, one that True North built a few thousand seats too small because they didn't think Jets fans would show up. The Leafs will do their best to play spoilers.

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Jonathan Bernier assigned to Marlies on Conditioning Stint

Jeff Veillette
December 02 2015 10:03AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs' goaltending controversy has hit a shocking twist, as their highest paid goaltender, Jonathan Bernier, is being sent to the American Hockey League on a conditioning stint.

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