A Glimpse at the Offensive Numbers of Travis Dermott

Jon Steitzer
July 07 2015 03:13PM

It's been almost a couple of weeks since the draft, and there is little question that it went remarkably well for the Maple Leafs. From the first round right through to the seventh there wasn't a shortage of players drafted with the potential to be a high end player for Toronto. 

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Mike Babcock expects Nazem Kadri to be an 'elite player'

Angelo Montilla
July 07 2015 12:50PM

The ball is in Nazem Kadri's court now.

After a disappointing season, the embattled Maple Leafs forward is getting a fresh start after signing a one-year contract with the club over the weekend. 

No pressure right, Nazem? Not so fast.

During the Maple Leafs' hockey school for minor players on Monday, head coach Mike Babcock told media he expects Kadri to be an "elite player" next season.

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Embracing the Kessel Trade

Jon Steitzer
July 06 2015 12:40PM

I’ve had the privilege of being too busy over the past few days to have the opportunity to witness the constant outrage over the Kessel trade on twitter and various other places online. Part of me hoped that all the dirt kicking would stop, but childish articles from Steve Simmons seemed to pour more gas on the fire. (Note: Why the hell does anyone still read or care about Simmons?)

Anyways, I thought I’d weigh in with my very simplistic view on why I support the Kessel trade, and believe it had to happen now, and why it’s time to move past it. (Fun Fact: You can still like Phil Kessel on the Penguins. I like Malkin, he plays on the Penguins. I hate the team, but he’s sure nice. I think I’ll do the same with Phil.)

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Leafs Sign Shawn Matthias

Jon Steitzer
July 06 2015 08:16AM

After taking the weekend off the Leafs definitely don't have a case of the Mondays, and got back to work early signing Shawn Matthias.

The GTA-ing of the Leafs continues as the 27 year old Mississaugan has signed a one year deal with Toronto.

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Will the Leafs take a flyer on Alex Semin?

Ryan Fancey
July 06 2015 07:46AM

Watching the Maple Leafs next season is likely going to be a grind. The team should be vastly improved defensively under Mike Babcock, but the personnel just isn't there to finish, and things now appear particularly bleak with Phil Kessel shipped out of town. 

The way things look now, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Leafs push the puck in the right direction more than they have these last few years - Arcobello, Parenteau, and the return of Winnik should help there - but they'll be on the wrong end of some frustrating losses with such little star-power. If they want to take a stab at replacing some of Kessel's offense, however, there is one free agent out there who's still looking for a new home. 

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