How far are the Leafs from the Stanley Cup?

Dom Luszczyszyn
June 16 2014 12:58PM


The Leafs are very far away from being Cup contenders - that much is obvious. How far away is a different question though. To measure that, you have to compare them to the teams that have won. Over the last five years there have only been three winners. Los Angeles. Chicago. Boston.

To even compare the Leafs to these teams is unfair, I’ll admit, but it’s a necessary comparison because the goal is to be as good as those teams are. The goal is to contend for the Cup year in and year out. And the goal is obviously to win it.

So we need to see what separates the Leafs from these three teams, and to do that we need to define what makes a team good at hockey, because a good team wins playoff games.

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Where Are They Now?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 15 2014 12:44PM


I wish I could bring more insight about this years draft. To be honest, I'm terrible at paying attention to draft classes, and tend to just go on Youtube the day before and pick whoever has the coolest trick shot as the guy I want the Leafs to pick. Its a pretty poor strategy, and one of my ambitions for next season is to not find myself in the same position this time in 2015. 

I did get to thinking though, the Leafs have drafted a lot of guys over the years. Where is everybody? I looked up every player the Leafs have drafted in this millennium, and traced their current hockey location (league of most games played in 2013/14) down.

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Mailbag: Home Stretch

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 14 2014 09:39PM


It's been a heck of a weekend. I helped out Five Hole For Food's spinoff Waterloo tournament all of yesterday, inched my back home today, and got into Toronto just in time for the kickoff of the Italy game. As I had hoped, the Azzurri came out on top, and naturally, I headed to Dufferin and St. Clair to celebrate. But now, I'm home, and can spend some time relaxing. But first, we're still clearing out all of the old mailbag questions! So here's a few more, and hopefully the next few days will provide us with some news so we don't see as many of these posts.

To submit a question, send me a tweetemail meask me, or leave a comment.

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Playoff LFR: Crown Jewel

Steve Dangle
June 14 2014 08:21AM

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 10.20.15 AM

The Los Angeles Kings win the game of the playoffs to become the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions! Henrik Lundqvist and the New York Rangers fought valiantly but Alec Martinez iced it.

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The Leafs and the World Cup

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 13 2014 08:58PM


The Stanley Cup playoffs are almost over. In fact, the Los Angeles Kings may be hoisting the Stanley Cup above their heads by the time you read this article. With hockey basically done for a couple of months, we need a distraction. What better than a month long soccer tournament? Of course,  I'm talking about the World Cup. Its a magical time where people cheer for a sport they may or may not watch in the name of national pride, and drivers everywhere don't know if they're being honked at or with.

Anyway, James van Riemsdyk tweeted in support of the Netherlands National Team today. Van Riemsdyk,  of course, is a very Dutch surname,  though it conflicts with the fact the United States are in this tournament. Not surprising though; I'm Italian in background, and I'd probably be double cheering if Canada qualified. But what about the rest of the Leafs?

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