Breaking: Brian Burke fired

Cam Charron
January 09 2013 11:10AM

Bombshell city:

Fairly surprising development in the hockey world today: Brian Burke, after four seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs and soon to start his fifth, was fired today, Bob MacKenzie of TSN was the first to report.

The firing takes place at an odd time in the life cycle of a sports team, at the end of the offseason rather than the beginning of it. Of course, several developments have taken place in the Maple Leafs' corporate structure since the beginning of the summer. Most importantly, the sale of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) closed on August 22, less than a month before the lockout began.

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Brian Burke fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs

Jonathan Willis
January 09 2013 10:54AM

So that just happened.

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KHL Highlights: Kovalchuk Staying?

Steve Dangle
January 08 2013 10:53PM

Speculation is flying that Kovalchuk might stay in the KHL, Ryan O'Reilly is still playing until he signs a new deal with the Avalanche, and KHL President Medvedev is pretty much threatening war against the NHL.

Ignore the KHL now? The fun might just be getting started. Enjoy!

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WJC: Thoughts on Rielly and Biggs

Gus Katsaros
January 08 2013 10:12AM

I was going to put some thoughts together on the Leafs players in the World Junior Hockey Championships played in Ufa, Russia, but with the imminent opening of NHL training camps, my thoughts drifted into connections for Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly and his NHL readiness and forward Tyler Biggs putting on display his translatable skills.

Before I get into the actual players I have some general thoughts, particularly on NHL readiness, at the World Junior Championships. Draft decisions often take readiness into consideration, and sometimes it’s just a nice surprise (Cam Fowler, Jeff Skinner). Generally, prospects take time (and resources) to develop.

The World Juniors is geared towards older players, normally drafted, and it's a very good test to see a player amongst the best of his peer group in a high intensity, short burst tournament. The top prospects game has a similar effect with a competitive nature, but a one-game small sample that’s more of an audition.

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What would you trade for Roberto Luongo?

Cam Charron
January 08 2013 03:06AM

via @manbearpiglpu

Following up on some speculation from the week, it seems like the hockey world is bracing for a deal that would send Roberto Luongo to the perpetually embattled Toronto Maple Leafs goaltending rotation, regardless of what Randy Carlyle told the media today. Rob Longley over at the Toronto Sun quotes Luongo as giving Canucks' GM Mike Gillis the "green light" to make a deal. Luongo is protected by a no-trade clause, but it should be done too surprising he would waive it if he still wants to be an NHL starter.

Now, as for Roberto Luongo's owed salary and contract is the elephant in the room. I never understood the meaning of the term "elephant in the room", since if there were an elephant actually in the room, I would freak out and point out to everybody that there is an elephant in the room.

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