One gone, one to go

Ryan Fancey
January 07 2015 07:44AM

It isn't difficult to figure out who within the Leafs' organization made the decision to finally fire Randy Carlyle yesterday. It was reported that this was a joint effort from Nonis and Shanahan, but I think anyone who has paid attention to this team for any amount of time realizes Nonis is in a situation similar to that of Greg Sherman before he was demoted by the Avalanche this past fall, a general manager in name only. 

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Goodbye Randy

Dom Luszczyszyn
January 06 2015 02:06PM

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Today, Randy Carlyle was relieved of his coaching duties with the Toronto Maple Leafs, bringing an end to his 195 game tenure behind the Leafs bench.

Carlyle's tactics have long been a sticking point for many fans causing a pretty big divide between the compete and calculus crowd, but as the losses piled up the divide became noticeably smaller as even those that shouted "He won a Cup!" from the rooftops couldn't deny that the process just wasn't working.

Yes, this team is still on pace for 95 points, but they certainly aren't playing like one that belongs in the playoffs and their most recent losing skid has only amplified the problems that beget this team. Night after night the Leafs get dominated by literally any team, and night after night there's no explanation. 

Mind boggling, right?

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Carter Ashton Placed on Waivers

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
January 06 2015 10:52AM

The first transaction of the post-Randy Carlyle era has occurred this morning, as 23 year old Carter Ashton was placed on waivers.

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If we could all pause for a moment of silence...

January 06 2015 07:48AM


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Leafs fire Randy Carlyle

Ryan Fancey
January 06 2015 07:28AM

Obviously we're going to have much more on the way over the course of the day, but there you have it. Carlyle is out.

It looks as though Horachek and Spott will take over coaching duties in the immediate interim, but that's just the initial word. 

With DeBoer and Bylsma out there (among others) as key free agent coaches, you can bet a lot of rumors will be floating around in the coming days. 

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