LFR7 - Game 63 - Jacked - CBJ 2, Tor 1

Steve Dangle
March 04 2014 02:36PM

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Coincidence, or Contingency Plan?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 04 2014 12:16PM


After yesterday's loss against the Columbus Blue Jackets, there was maybe one thing that everybody could agree on; James Reimer had a very solid outing. In his first start since January 25th, Reimer made 30 saves on 32 shots, and neither goal against was particularly "weak". It was a start that the 1B of the Leafs' Goaltending Operation absolutely needed to have for the sake of getting more opportunities to play.

But what if I said that those opportunities could come from another team? What if I said the organization has, maybe unintentionally, a setup in place that has them prepared in case of a goalie trade tomorrow? It's a crazy thought, but run with me here.

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Leafs Postgame: Columbust

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 03 2014 08:02PM


This team does know that the Olympic Break is over, right? I mean, the first line is still chugging away as if they never missed a beat (because they didn't) but the Leafs entered tonight having lost their first two games since returning. The opening twenty and final five minutes displayed a team that looked ready to snap the trend. The rest of the game displayed something that was worse than the opposite, which lead to a 2-1 loss.

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Frazer McLaren Placed on Waivers

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 03 2014 10:40AM


As per TSN's Bob McKenzie, Toronto Maple Leafs winger/enforcer Frazer McLaren has been placed on waivers. The 26 year old Winnipeg native has no points and 72 penalty minutes (6 fights) in 26 games played this season.

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Mailbag: Week of March 3rd

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 03 2014 08:58AM


The trade deadline is approaching, which means I'm ignoring every question involving direct rumours and speculation because I am incredibly stubborn. 

If you'd like to submit a question, email me at jeffler@gmail.com, or tweet @JefflerYou can also leave your question in the comments of this post. 

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