Leafs Fire Away, Fall Short in Loss To Habs

Jeff Veillette
September 12 2015 09:09PM


So the first game didn't go the Leafs wanted it to; nobody ever likes losing to the Ottawa Senators, even in a rookie tournament. Today offered a new lineup, a new opponent, and most importantly, a new opportunity to win a hockey game.

Unfortunately, while this group tried their hardest, they couldn't get it done, falling 6-4; this time in regulation.

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Rookie Postgame: Baby Sens Down Baby Leafs in Overtime

Justin Fisher
September 11 2015 09:40PM

A lot of us have been expecting our fair share of disappointment and defeat as fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, but I think we were probably expecting that from the main roster and not from the organization's top young players. 

Ok, so - let's not get carried away. An opening night loss in a rookie tournament will probably be the least of the Leafs' worries this season. Still, Toronto traded one too many chances with the Ottawa Senators' rookie squad this evening, coming out on the wrong side of a 5-4 OT final score.

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TLN Roundtable: Who Are You Most Excited to See at the Leafs Rookie Tournament?

Justin Fisher
September 11 2015 01:53PM

The Leafs Rookie Tournament is upon us, and it will be the first time for many to catch their first glimpse of Toronto's top prospects and newcomers in action. It's not necessarily a world class competition, but it'll still be hella fun to watch some actual, for real hockey again.

With so many new faces that the Leafs have drafted, signed or traded for, there are an unprecedented number of great storylines to follow heading into this weekend's tournament. In this week's roundtable, we asked our writers which player (or players) they're most excited to see...

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Joffrey Lupul

September 11 2015 01:45PM


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Bobby Cappuccino Answers Your Questions For Brendan Shanahan

Bobby Cappuccino
September 11 2015 11:00AM

bobby shanny

Earlier today, the official Toronto Maple Leafs held a Twitter Q&A with Brendan Shanahan. Users were asked to submit questions with #AskShanny. Brendan did a great job answering a select few questions, but a lot of great questions went unanswered. As Brendan and I are both alpha males and have great abs, I felt like I could show my support of him and the team by answering the best questions that he was too good to answer.

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