TLN's 10 Worst Leafs Items at

Jon Steitzer
October 15 2015 10:29AM

The nice thing about the Leafs not playing for an entire week is we have an opportunity to run the kind of content that would even seem forced in the middle of August. I did it yesterday looking at Leafs hair cuts through the years and I'm doing it again today with products you definitely don't want to buy from

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TLN's Favourite Leafs Haircuts

Jon Steitzer
October 14 2015 03:00PM

We've ranked our top forwards, defensemen, goaltenders, and hockey minds last month, but now it's time to move on to what really defines the sport. The hair. The Leafs have been host to some truly wonderful haircuts over the past 99 years, but based on the list below you might assume the team started in the 70s. Unfortunately prior to 1965 all men were required to have the same hair cut so many eras are going unrepresented. Thankfully the 80s more than made up for that. 

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David Clarkson Could Make His Columbus Return Against Toronto

Cat Silverman
October 14 2015 01:42PM

Does anyone remember $5 million dollar man David Clarkson? 

Of course you do. He was the cherry on top of Dave Nonis' very horribly constructed Toronto Maple Leafs sundae, getting inked to a deal that paid him $1M more per season - and for three more seasons, at that - than the notoriously overpaying Boston Bruins were willing to ink Brad Marchand for. 

It was also $725,000 more per season than Max Pacioretty makes. 

It was awful. It is awful. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

It got the team a whopping 15 goals across two seasons and a lot of laughing and finger-pointing from other teams around the NHL before the Leafs finally managed to unload the deal on the Columbus Blue Jackets - who got exactly three games out of Clarkson before he was injured. 

Now, though, he's back... and who's surprised that it's against the Leafs? 

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WWYDW: Early Season Goalie Controversy

Justin Fisher
October 14 2015 08:30AM

It's only been three games, but there already seems to be a little debate around who the Toronto Maple Leafs should be starting in net on a game-to-game basis. We've heard that Mike Babcock likes to have a go-to starter, but Jonathan Bernier has done little to impress in the two games he's started. His backup, James Reimer, has fared only slightly better in one relief appearance and one start.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Oct 13, 2015 - No Peppers

Steve Dangle
October 13 2015 10:10PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.15.26 AM

On this episode, we discuss a potential rebuild (or not) in Boston, the Mike Richards saga, hear Natalie Spooner's take on the hot dog/sandwich debate, and the guys try to force me to face my fear of peppers.

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