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Nation World HQ
December 25 2015 06:00AM

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A Canucks Christmas rap, Mike Babcock and Christmas come early, Johnny Gaudreau is very good at hockey, can the Oilers sign Steven Stamkos, World Junior previews, Justin Schultz, Dougie Hamilton, Jake Gardiner and more in the weeks Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings. Merry Christmas Nation!!

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Leafs at the Word Juniors: The Double Dion

Tom Hunter
December 24 2015 12:14PM

With the 2016 World Junior Championships just days away, TLN will be revisiting some of the best performances by Maple Leafs prospects during past WJC tournaments. Today, we take a look at a tournament that thanks to the NHL lockout had more high-end talent than any other WJC. Seven players from Team Canada went on to win Olympic Gold in Vancouver five years later but for many Canadian fans, the 2005 World Junior Hockey Championship will be forever remembered by one phrase “It’s a Double Dion!”

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On the Toronto Marlies' historic start, and trying to maintain it moving forward

Jeff Veillette
December 24 2015 06:58AM

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The Toronto Maple Leafs aren't the only team in the organization on Christmas Break. Most of the North American hockey world has gone on holidays, so the Toronto Marlies aren't doing anything special, but this still appears to be a good time to evaluate their position relative to the rest of the league, and years past.

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TLN Predictions for The 2016 World Junior Hockey Championship

Tom Hunter
December 23 2015 03:11PM

Earlier this week, I was gifted with the task of breaking down the 2016 World Junior Hockey Championship as my debut piece for this wonderful website. As a follow-up, I took the time to get some bold predictions from the regulars here at TLN so you could see how your favorite bloggers predict the tournament playing out.

We received contributions from Justin (@thejustinfisher), Jon (@YakovMironov), Catherine (@CataCarryOn) Shawn (@ShawnReis), Adam (@adam_laskaris), and Bobby (@bobbycappucino). Jeff abstained from making predictions because I wouldn't let him pick William Nylander for every award.

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WWYDW: Would you Trade Leo Komarov?

Adam Laskaris
December 23 2015 02:07PM

After having a clear offensive leader for much of the 2000's, the Leafs find themselves for the first time without an elite offensive individual talent for the first time in years.

Often seen as a grinder or a power forward in his first two years with the team, Leo Komarov has seen himself (surprisingly?) be the team's joint leading scorer heading into the Christmas break, with 12 goals and 12 assists so far.

As Komarov is currently on year two of a four-year, $2.95 million per year contract, talks have been heating up recently that maybe- just maybe- trading Komarov might actually be what's best for this Leafs future.

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