Ryan Kesler vs Phil Kessel: Contract Value and the Ghost of Dave Nonis

Cat Silverman
July 15 2015 01:39PM

*Note to the reader: I realize that Ryan Kesler has never been a Toronto Maple Leaf, Phil Kessel is no longer a Toronto Maple Leaf, and none of us want to hear Dave Nonis' name ever again here in Leafland. I'm not sorry for writing this anyway.*

On a day where Cody Franson is still unfairly unsigned and gifs of Lawson Crouse eating a worm crept into my timeline while I was trying to eat breakfast, it seems pretty logical that the Anaheim Ducks decided to add to the morning mayhem with a headline contract of their own:

Oh boy, Anaheim. 

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LFR: Free Agents & Rebuild

Steve Dangle
July 14 2015 11:35AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.54.17 PM

The Leafs have made a bunch of signings and moves. Are they good? Are the Leafs any better? How is the rebuild going? Here's what I think.

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Monday Mailbag - Justin Steals The Mailbag

Justin Fisher
July 13 2015 07:13PM

TLN's street hockey extraordinaire is still on the road with Five Hole For Food, so I'll be taking over this week's Mailbag over for Jeffler. If you're out west, you should probably go visit him in and the FFHF gang and play some hockey for a great cause. They'll be in Calgary tomorrow, Edmonton on the 15th, Victoria on the 17th, and closing things out in Vancouver on the 18th. Visit the Five Hole For Food site for full details.

Without further ado, here's the Mailbag...

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Everybody Has to Sign Sometime: Taylor Beck signed, avoids arbitration

Jon Steitzer
July 13 2015 02:49PM

There's an old saying, "if you write about someone having an upcoming arbitration hearing, it will be settled within hours of you publishing it." Clearly that is the case for Taylor Beck and I today

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Closing the Second Buyout Window

Jon Steitzer
July 13 2015 01:05PM

The acquisition of Taylor Beck means a couple of things:
1. The Leafs have just made a huge upgrade dumping Jamie Devane for an actual player with upside
2. They now have a player who elected to go to arbitration, thus opening the Leafs up to potentially having a second buyout window (occurs after the Leafs last arbitration case.)

According to NHLNumbers.com, the Leafs are sitting on about $7.5M in salary cap space, with only Beck and Bernier left to sign and before taking into account the $5.3M in relief that comes from putting Nathan Horton on the long term injured reserve, there isn’t any reason to consider this move for the purposes of gaining cap space. Instead the need may come from the fact that the Leafs have presently exhausted the number of Standard Players Contracts and may want to gain additional space for flexibility in future deals or to take advantage of waiver claims. The Beck and Bernier signings would put the Leafs at the 50 contract maximum, with one space definitely being freed up upon the return of Cody Donaghey to the QMJHL.

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