Marlies Fall Apart In 3rd, Lose 7-2

Jeff Veillette
April 04 2015 07:58PM


I mentioned in the recap for last night's game that the Marlies have spent a good chunk of this stretch playing against teams that  were near them in the standings. When you look at the games that weren't, most of them were against bottom-feeders who were in Toronto's range a few months ago, but rarely have they taken on teams in the top class.

Tonight was an exception to that rule, for they took on the fifth overall Grand Rapids Griffins. For a while, it seemed like anybody's game, but as things progressed, the wheels completely off. 

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LGD: It's the last week

Elizabeth Bate
April 04 2015 01:31PM

It's the last week of the 2014-2015 season for the Leafs. What could possibly be going through their heads today as they suit up in Boston? Is it that they really need to bring it because they're playing a team with a better than 50% win record, 11 more wins than their own? Or is it that the weather is starting to get warmer and pretty soon those golf greens will be looking shiny and new? I guess we'll know once we survey the extent of the damage later tonight. Game time is 7 p.m.

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Here Comes The Nation Draft Playoff Pool!

Justin Fisher
April 04 2015 09:23AM


Weeks ago, Toronto Maple Leafs fans gave up on the idea that they'd get to enjoy any type of playoff success this season. Well, Leafs fans are silly people.

You've never heard to the Nations Draft Playoff Pool? It's way better than the actual real playoffs, and you can enter here at

Let's break it down:

You draft a team of playoff-bound NHL stars and earn points in the Nations Draft Playoff Pool based on their production. If you are a nails fantasy GM, Nations sends you some sweet prizes. You can check out all the rules at

About those prizes...

  • The Grand Prize, a $1500 VISA gift card
  • 2nd place gets a $500 Visa gift card
  • 3rd gets a $200 Visa gift card
  • 4th place nabs $100 Visa gift card
  • If you finish 5th through 10th, that's a $30 iTunes card
  • And lastly, 11th-20th hey $10 iTunes card
  • Everyone else gets a creepy pat on the back from Bobby Cappuccino

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Marlies Keep Hopes Alive With Comeback Win

Jeff Veillette
April 04 2015 08:53AM


The Toronto Marlies have had luck that can be seen as both good and bad of late. While they've picked up large pockets of important wins over the course of their playoff push, they've had a nasty habit of losing games to the teams that are directly in front of them. For this reason, taking on the Lake Erie Monsters, who came into the game tied in points, was a bit worrisome for them. However, a late rally was enough to push the team to victory and keep their hopes alive.

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TLN Roundtable - Is "Tanking" a Problem?

Justin Fisher
April 03 2015 01:00PM

In the upcoming NHL Draft Lottery, the league's worst team will be guaranteed one of the top two picks in the 2015 Draft. That's pretty big, especially considering the consensus top two picks - the Erie Otters' Connor McDavid and Boston University's Jack Eichel - are two extremely high end, franchise-making prospects. 

Not surprisingly, some NHL clubs (perhaps smartly) recognized that they were going to be enduring 'down years' anyways, and decided to actively "tank" their season. 

Is that the right thing to do though? Those teams may very well be acting with the organization's long term interests in mind - drafting a McDavid could set you up for decades of success - but what about the fans and season ticket holders? Is it fair to them to actively ice an awful team? 

Simply, does the NHL have a tanking problem? Our TLN Roundtable tackles the subject...

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