Leafs Postgame: Tennessee Shootout

Justin Fisher
November 12 2015 09:05PM


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Two wins? In a row? Your eyes do not deceive you, Leafs fans. Toronto visited Nashville tonight and kept pace with a far better team, taking the Predators deep into the shootout and coming out the other side with an unexpected 2-1 win.

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LGD: No More Hot Dogs, Much More Mustard

Jeff Veillette
November 12 2015 01:18PM

Some might say that the Nashville Predators are the reason that the Toronto Maple Leafs are who they are right now. Their blowout win over the blue and white last November created a downward spiral of catastrophe for a team that really didn't have too much expectation placed on it to begin with, and ever since, things have been bottomed out for the sake of being built back up.

With that said, fans still don't want to see another seven-goal defeat, and neither does the team. Let's take a look at what's going down tonight.

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You won't believe how Paul Hendrick owned this "fan"

Bobby Cappuccino
November 12 2015 12:41PM

Paul Hendrick aka Henny is known as a nice guy, and is a great source for all things Leafs. Even at the worst of times, you see Henny tweeting about the positives of the team and players. 

That's why we were so surprised to see him roast this fan on line earlier today.

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Leafs all but certain to sign Nikita Zaitsev at end of KHL season

Jeff Veillette
November 12 2015 11:19AM


Remember back in June, when it looked like the Toronto Maple Leafs had signed a hot-shot Russian defenceman out of the KHL? Well, Nikita Zaitsev is back, and not in pog form. While things didn't work out at the time, Elliotte Friedman reports that the entire league is pretty sure he'll sign with the blue and white at the end of the season. [UPDATE: We've received additional information of our own].

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WWYDW: More Goals, Please

Justin Fisher
November 11 2015 12:44PM

Does the NHL have a scoring problem? Some people certainly seem to think so - enough that the topic came up for discussion at the NHL GMs meetings in Toronto this week.

Apparently, scoring has taken a bit of a dip and goaltenders are to blame. See, they're taller and wider than they once were; their equipment has gotten bigger and, my God, they're improving over time. It's practically soccer on ice out there. 

Ok, not really. But I'm sure some folks believe it's heading that way.

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